New 2019 Titleist 620 MB Iron & 620 CB Iron Comparison

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I review the brand new 2019 Titleist 620 MB Iron & Titleist 620 CB Iron providing my honest feedback on the looks and feel plus launch monitors numbers from GCQuad.

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김종민 says:

Hi Mike only just got into your stuff but a massive fan already Thank You

Just seconding the question below – brute honest comparison between MB620 vs MP20 would be very appreciated

e99783 says:

Hits the flag stick. Sold

bertraminc says:

Are these adjustable or is that just for fitting?

T W says:

These vs the MP20's? thanks Michael

noone says:

Spent a couple hours in a GC4 today with the 790s, Staff blades and 620MBs. The 790s are loooong 190+ carry but cannot even compare in feel to the Wilsons or 620s. I have to say the 620s to me feel even more solid than the Staff blades. I just sold my 718s and got the Blueprints but damn the 620s look and feel great. Love the retro brushed finish.

Travis says:

For all those people that think CB launch higher than MB

Jacob McCain says:

I really like my Z785 but they don’t spin like my Mizunos did. The MP20 range and the CB/MB have me wanting a new set. If I do get a new set though it’ll likely be 919Ts as they are pure and should come down in price a bit.

Henry Grand says:

Can you compare the MB to T100?

George Jones says:

Would you say the MB is just as soft as a mp-18? And would you say the new CB has less offset than the previous model? thanks.

SuperDuper Awesome says:

MB looks awesome! What are your thoughts as to whether Titleist need five types of club and which two would you drop (unnecessary)?

Paul Bown says:

Would love to see a MB v’s MB video
All the current models up against each other

mike best says:

The MB and CB look great ,as for the new AP'S or T series they dont look very good .

Sam says:

Nice job as always but… I don't understand what all the hype is about blades that, as you said, basically don't change year to year. Titlist just changes the numbers, makes the smallest of cosmetic changes and pushes them out. Considering the 620 MB and CB perform essentially the same, only a very small percentage of golfers will buy them anyway.

whogg0521 says:

Damn those blades are sexy. But I still ooze, yeah I said it, over my MP 69s. Even though I can't hit them for shit right now. But I am working on it.

david gerald says:

I'm playing the cb 716, is it worth going for new cb 620

Tun Pramoj says:

What's your thought on CB Vs T100?

Chris Marto says:

I can’t wait for you to review the Mizuno’s MP-20 irons. Thanks for all of the great content – always very well done and great balance of subjective and objective information.

Ross Lillebo says:

A little nod to Srixon with the sole on these. Srixon's VT sole is the bees knees. Both these offerings from Titleist look great and great review as always Michael.

안지환 says:

titleist, now completely ruined except for mb" … losing their identity ,, totally sucks ::;;;;;

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