NEW 2021 Titleist ProV1 & ProV1X Golf Ball Review

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Testing the latest Titleist ProV1 and ProV1X golf balls from putter to driver using Foresight Sports GC Quad and Quintic Ball Roll technologies!

0:00 // Intro
4:16 // Putting
5:05 // Wedges
6:04 / 7 Iron
6:45 // Driver
8:05 // Results & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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Chris T says:

I like the pro v1 it’s great, but this video definitely seems like a titleist commercial. I like txg for sure, but this is a corporate sponsored review .

andrew thompson says:

How did you get so good at golf @matt? How long have you been swinging so well?

andrew thompson says:

In the slomo putting you are wearing black shoes?

Jamie Reynolds says:

@txgtourexperience Are you guys going to test the Spalding sd Tour and Tour x golf balls would love to see what you guys Thank and the numbers on Quad

Ethan Santucci says:

I’ve been playing the Bridgestone BXS for a few months now. I can get it for slightly cheaper than a prov1 and I love them. Soft and spiny around the green but also long off the tee.

Willie Brown says:

They seem to be identical. What’s the point? What good is feel when the brain registers the feel after the ball is already a 1/4 way to its destination. Sounds like a sports psychologist would solve the feel issue.

Paul Koppenheffer says:

You'd have to pry the ProV1X out of my cold dead hands before I played another golf ball. Titleist is the go to premium ball. A few of the subscribers noticed Adam Scott wielding the Autoflex shaft. Consistently outdriving Rahm, then again Rahm only takes a half swing.

Windmill Cancer Survivor says:

I found last year's Pro V gave me a little more of everything so the new model will look great on my Martini tee this year. Just look at the leaderboard page for those using the new Titleist ball, looks like 90% or more.

andy wallace says:

We need another inesis tour 900 comparison, there was little to choose between Titliest and the Inesis last time, apart from the £25/box price difference.

Dave Mack says:

Just confirms it's not worth watching any other ball reviewer than TXG! Interested were the AVX fits in now the Pro V1 feels softer?

Liam Pucill says:

How does it compare to last years ball for spin and launch? I know you said they feel softer but what about spin/launch?

Tom Hewitt says:

Ian I think you and I listen to the same podcasts mate

Derek Gzaskow says:

and breaking news, next year will be the prov1-leftdash-x, but really thanks for the test but I'm ready for Bridgestone, I think the majority of us are either high spin players or low spin players and want a clear/bigger difference option for spin and launch angle in a premium ball

Derek Gzaskow says:

Adam Scott near the lead with the auto flex , but missed alot of fairways on Saturday, I bet alot are watching Sunday??

Mathew Brown says:

I would like to see comparison to the previous model, in all testing.

GnikNeb says:

Can you test the TaylorMade Soft Select golf ball?

Ron Lum says:

Are you going to do an update show about Sam?

Jordan Huffman says:

Can you guys do this with the new srixon z-star as well?

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