I spent a month using the 18 birdies Swing Analysis feature to improve my golf swing. It helped address an issue I have had for a long time. Also I travelled to Nueroforce golf to use Trackman AI (artificial intelligence system called “Tracie” that helps you

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  1. This app is really cool in that you can visually identify your swing faults and to can also actually chart your improvement progress with actual on course data, over time, " the ball don't lie" Good stuff man, I may invest in the 3 lesson package also…film at 11:00

  2. Look where you are at 1st parallel?
    It is even more pronounced when you do the side by side w/the pro in the 18birdies app. Stay wide like you normally do.

    Enjoy your stuff. Looking fwd to your next convo with Luczak to hear about his ongoing findings.

  3. Tried this today after watching your video yesterday. This gave a great visual to the instability in my legs, spine and head.
    My normal 2 hour large bucket turned into 3 and a half and I didn't finish all the balls! I started at a 5.4 and finished at 7.9 and the swing felt much more stable. Looking forward to continue working with it.

  4. Hey Brandon great video,you sold me?
    there’s one person who can really fix your swing I reckon you should have a look his name is Tom Saguto
    I was an 11 handicapper in March this year I am now down to +2 thanks to the stack tilt by Saguto

  5. I guess everbody should listen to Mike Malaska and Bob Toski more. What these two gues have to say is elementary and key to a good golfswing. They are not talking about positions or that the ellbow should be here or there…they just swinging the damn club and if you let your body react naturaly, Golf will be so relaxed and peacefull. When you swing with grace and ease your body you will please. If you swing hard and fast, you never going to ever last (Bob Toski).

  6. Great job with the content, I too am always looking for new or different info (i've got some great home made gadgets in my garage like yourself). Question, how did you like the face on view in terms providing info re lateral/rotational feedback? Thanks

  7. Well, IF Be Better Golf reports to us that HE has been hitting the ball better since he started using this "app," then I will take a look. I would say it looks like it could help. This actually gives me an idea of how to make the app work BETTER for a more advanced golfer that doesn't fit the mold of the "pro" with the very steady spine. When Tiger Woods is rated much lower than a club pro, that tells me that the "app" needs some tweaking. I know exactly what tweak to make. Put me in touch with the app designers.

  8. Cant find it in the App store. Typing in 18 Birdies takes me to a GPS App. Also, when tried to contact them by email through their website, it said "address not valid".

  9. I pay the $10/month subscription for this app and it's totally worth it. The AI portion helps tremendously plus it keeps all of your stats for every round you play.

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