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In this video I visit the new Ben Hogan company in Fort Worth!

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Adrian Leman says:

Tried a few times to get in touch with company no answer lost a customer.

Roger H says:

I love my new Ben Hogans. Wish they had more tour bags.

rick petryk says:

Just got an email that they will start producing left handed Ptx irons very excited!

Matt Davis says:

I love the look of their clubs. Favorite club in my bag is my dad's old Ben Hogan 56° wedge.

Ray Hess says:

Hi Cristo, you make great videos. To swing weight your driver after you have cut it to length. Pull the shaft out of the driver head. Then figure for every 1/2 inch you have cut off you have to add 3 grams of weight to the driver head. Then you have to weigh the grip. Standard rubber is 4 grams. You will add the amount of the grip weight to the club head.
Measure out the amount needed add tungsten powder inside the club head. Insert shaft and tape grip on butt end and check weight on swing weight scale. Then add head tack and shake up the head and the powder will stick inside the club head.
Apply cork or plastic stopper inside of hole to the club head. Epoxy shaft to club head and install grip.
You will need a Swing weight scale and a scale to measure grams. There are other ways to do this but this has worked for me
for over 30 years.

glynn hughes says:

hey christo any plans to come to carnoustie next year.. Hogans alley….

shardanette1 says:

I'm very happy for the new Hogan Company and like the direct to consumer approach. However, as a lefty, until they make some lefty clubs, I can't get too excited. Any word on when that will happen? I'd really like to upgrade from my '99 Apex Pros.

Ritter Lott says:

Hey Cristo! I am seriously considering 4 new tk wedges. How is the spin rate on them? I can't find any numbers.

Billy Graham says:

Solve the driver swing weight problem with lead tape — put it on the perimeter of the club. Just as good as adding screw in weights, and maybe better. Wish Hogan would design a driver clubhead with all the aerodynamic stuff that makes the clubhead flow through the air better for higher clubhead speed, AND provide areas on the driver-head where lead tape can be added neatly. I would suggest a more deepface design. I have used the Taylormade R5 dual for a long time now — can't beat it. They should just copy that but add some of that aerodynamic stuff — like those nubs that let the air flow faster over the clubhead in the downswing. (So, yeah, it could be beaten by just adding some of those aerodynamic surface things.) Also, work on making the clubhead push the limit for the COR value. Also, success will come from maintaining Hogan quality standards — that would be important too. And I point out that there is no need to make clubs "different" every year. Design them correctly the first time, without pointless design elements, and watch players gravitate toward them. They would need to make (1) a blade model iron, (2) a muscle-back iron, (3) a cavity back/improvement iron. AND do not make the lofts too strong! That is nonsense. (Along with the stamping of the club number on the clubhead, stamp the loft degrees.) However, I also think they might need to make some of those disguised hybrids — the flex face irons (e.g. the XR irons from Callaway, or Titleists's T-MB irons) and, again, don't make the lofts too strong — that is nonsense. And of course, for the wedges and putters, just make them neat, clean, and awesome. Would like to see a wider sole on a sand iron and with some amount of offset for the shaft. I don't have offset on any other club other than an old sand iron I use for practice — a Wilson GE 1200 sand wedge — and it is just awesome in and out of the sand. But I don't like offset on any other club. (Unfortunately, the GE sand iron I have is not conforming, and it is worn out too.) Cannot replace that iron, because they don't make it and no company makes a conforming sand iron that looks anything like that! I am thinking about buying a sand wedge that is super heavy with a fat sole plate and with lots of extra material for grinding shaping that head to my desires. But I haven't found a conforming sand wedge with that much mass yet. And if you, Christo, or the Hogan people don't believe me about a Wilson GE 1200 sand wedge, just get one, and go and hit some shots out of the sand with it, and hit some other shots with it off the turf. It is strong, about 53 or 54 degrees, but don't hold that against it. That clubhead is shaped just right to do ANYTHING. And being strong it is the kind of sand wedge that can be hit well over 100 yards if you want to do that — makes it much like a gap wedge in that regard. So if the new Hogan company wants to make a sand wedge, make one like that. Also, the new Hogan company could certainly do the shaft spine aligning thing to make the quality just that tiny bit better, and it would not cost more than a few cents per club to do that. So that is my suggestion for an equipment line-up for the folks at Hogan. (I have some putter suggestions too, but I will not bother to offer those suggestions. But there is lots of room for profit in putters too.) As to a business model, and being a guy with a BS in management (and a BS in chemistry too), I would suggest a loose partnering with particular companies already in business that could help produce Hogan equipment right here in the U.S.A. Let me give one more suggestion. These Hogan people will need to be very careful about who they hire as reps. They should not be hiring friends and family and other slackers, though a good BS artist makes for a good sales person, generally. Instead, they should be hiring real players with a dedication to the game, people that really know how to hit the ball AND who are good BS artists. And you can determine who those are by giving a job interview on the range. Have them hit balls. If they are really good ball strikers they can demonstrate. (If they really know the swing they can swing like Hogan, Trevino, Nicklaus, Woods — just about any golfer — and in the interview you can ask them, for example, to show what Lee Trevino's swing looks like.) Find people that love the game and love Hogan equipment to represent the new Hogan company. Also, I would suggest they put their money into equipment, and skip the fancy PR stuff. They need to find some players that they can contract with and get themselves on the pro tour — players with a real future in the pro game should they be dedicated enough and knowledgeable enough and really be willing to strive — and that would require Hogan Co.'s hiring managers knowing themselves how to judge players abilities and potential. (They would need to hire someone like me to be a hiring manager, though there are a good number of such people to be hired, but just hiring a person with "experience in human resources" is not going to be good enough, not at all.) And who would the Hogan company contract with for their playing pro staff? Who should they be looking at? For example, take a guy that is not being sponsored, doesn't get enough play and practice, and, no, that guy won't perform as well as someone that plays every day and practices. But where that guy (or gal) knows more about the game, and who is a late bloomer, that is the person they should be looking to contract with — a person that is so passionate for the game, they just won't quit. So they do NOT need to hire just young people. Golf is a game for all ages. This concept has been shouted from the rooftops, but I don't think the shouters actually believe it. That people that take up the game late succeed to the highest level happens, but there just needs to be the "chance" created so that it could happen. Starting the game at age 10 helps, but that is not as important as having good knowledge of the swing mechanics and good athlete ability, and a passion for the game and perfection and a willingness to treat the sport as a devotion. How many people do that? You would find a lot of champions in your midst if you would sponsor them to play. The new Hogan sales staff should be made-up primarily of those kind of people, that is, real players (of any age) that have real passion for the game and treat it like a sport — but they won't do that, and will just hire the good-ol' boys that just don't care, like to party, and focus on BS, as will the company . . . the Hogan company will probably go down again. But the Hogan name is a big name, investors will come in from time to time to keep the company afloat, and that is probably the game they are going to play here. Well, maybe I'm wrong. We'll see. (I used to love my Hogan sand wedges. They were the only ones would buy.)

Bryan Begley says:

Great these folks had a vision to keep company going

Seth Fuller says:

Awesome! I may go see them for a new set!

Craig Heath says:

I used to have a set of Hogan Radials when I was younger and have not been able to find a set I liked as much. Can't wait for some new Hogan irons to come out

E.L.Dorado says:

I recommend a Callaway driver with the weights on the bottom if you want to cut it down to 44 inches or less.
This is a much better alternative than adding a bunch of ugly lead tape on it.
I have a 44 inch big bertha alpha double black diamond with a 15 gram weight on it.(instead of the installed 2 gram weight)

gary smith6 says:

I would love a set.Infact I would buy a set but the import tax into the UK is absolutely outrageous
You could send me them out as a gift christo but not actually a gift and I would indeed save of the import tax and have the irons i have always wanted in my bag….#golfdreams

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