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gaffs82 says:

A bunch of stinking shots there Rick. If you had put 8 good swings onto those, im sure your review would be a little better than OK!

Jerry Petersen says:

Rick, Rick, what do you have against Callaway? Your shot pattern with this test was just terrible. How can you justify your review with the poor shot patterns caused by you. I have these hybrids and hit them better than my Apex hybrids. They are combination of the 815 and Apex technology if you had done your home work. I know the prices are higher, but don't let that influence your testing. Also on the regular EPIC iron what is the difference in what Callaway did with it than Taylor Made did with the MD2 irons and you did not knock them as bad. I am on another blog with club fitters and they all agree that your comments are a little off and some what out of line. So it will be interesting how you review the new Titlest irons.

Mike Kibbe says:

Rick you didn't really Compare the numbers? It appears you were hitting it as far if not further when you turn that club down to 20 degrees vs 18? Give some feedback on that please

Anthony Parker says:

I have the Epic 3+ Wood (13.5°) and the Epic 5 Wood (18°). Between those 2 why need a hybrid?

Derek Brown says:

Ditch!?!? It's the Barrie Burn not Jean Van Develdes ditch champ. Keep up the good work

Kev Turk says:

Rick the way you say eeepicc is truly eeepicc

fabien didelot says:

anything better than the Apex Hybrid ?

Richard Marsh says:

Rick just for editorial purposes the John Vandavelt ditch is called the Barrie Burn .

Marie Nilsson says:

congrats to your HIO at the open ?

tony penny says:

all that money for that club and you cant hit it straight ha ha ha ha.

Shaft Snappers says:

just a small channel trying to grow. Come support our first vid!

danthemanwhocancan says:

Ben Ross has just spat out his cornflakes watching this video.

1000Gixxers says:

that shaft doesn't suit you Rick!!!

Andrew Levy says:

Rick how much do you think it is the shaft not the head? I mean if you play an x and you have a weak stiff it would change the experience.

Lyall Orange says:

Rebranded Steelhead XR! High toe face even looks the same!

David Boddy says:

Haha hits the best shot when the pressure is off…LOL…That's golf eh

R Gallagher says:

Just got an X2 Hot Pro hybrid new old stock for 45 quid, i don't think Callaway have improved on hybrids since that one.

mharri333 says:

Good review. If you can't hit it great I know I certainly can't. The reviews help immensely. Thank you.


Looks a little like my sldr 3 hybrid 19* ….bought mine for 125 usd came with a nice 84grs stiff shaft.

Gary Yee says:

How does this compare to the Apex Hybrid?

matthew splant says:

Rick you should review different launch monitors from low end to the latest and greatest!

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Callaway has really lost its mind.

Cody Walker says:

Got to test this before it came out and loved it. But bought the f7 driver and got the f7 hybrid for free so couldn't pass that up. Love the f7 hybrid too.

Nate Cormier says:

I don't know why I watch these reviews I can't afford anything.

TJCombo67 says:

Club looks like a jobber…nothing to see here folks…

Jammer53 says:

Not worth the money!

Sam Murray says:

My GBB Epic Driver just came today ??

Paul Fix says:

How about a review of the new Cobra oversized hybrid?

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