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PGA GOLF PRO RICK SHIELS sees and hits the latest Callaway Rogue Driver and the Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver for the very first time. Full review will come in 2-3 weeks time

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John says:

Rick can you test the draw model

Sparsh Mehandru says:

Hi rick…
I am using callaway Xr driver which I hit 290 avg.. I am going change it but m confused between the rogue subzero and gbb subzero????
I haven’t tried TM yet ? Shall I go for it??

trew ten says:

is it worth $500?

Adams Snapworld says:

New review style sucks. I honestly hate the look of these drivers

gary smith6 says:

A few questions Rick firstly is the Subzero fade biased as Epic Subzero was.
Does the normal Rogue`s size slow your swing speed slightly?
And finally what are the difference`s in-flight height and spin.
I wont be going for a fitting until I have seen your full on reviews.

Stuart Lim says:

Nice review Rick….but having the newest club will only make a difference for the PROS!!! The average amateur or good player doesn't swing the golf club well enough, on a daily basis, to warrant the price tag. I will bet you that a person will see a slight gain in the beginning but once you get comfortable with the club it will be marginally better or just the same as your current club, if your current clubs are fairly new. The golfer's swing is going to reflect how well the clubs perform…if your swing is really consistent from day to day then you can determine whether the Rogue is better than your current driver. If from day to day your swing is very inconsistent then it will not matter what driver you have in your hands!!! Too many new clubs introduced each year!!!

Luca van de Coevering says:

Is shot shaping a difficult challenge with these drivers?? Could you give it a go

Aaron___ says:

What about the DRAW version will u test it to rick ?

InsaneGolfer2002 says:

do you think the hourglass shape of the jailbreak helped the moi or dispurtion rate at all?

Waqar Ghulam says:

Since Sergio has moved to Callaway, I am going to get one,

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