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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey thanks for watching the video! If you enjoyed the video or appreciated the shot at 2:15 hit LIKE!!! Comment below which golf balls your prefer!?

Finnegan Kenner says:

i use the Callaway Chrome Soft.

felixcpt1 says:

Enjoying the super soft on my second box now.

TJ Shine says:

Rick, how about the 2018 Chrome Soft?  I can't notice any difference except the covers discolor faster.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

I agree these felt soft from pitches and chips

Daniel D says:

Have you done a review of the Vice line of golf balls? I have played the Pro and Pro+ and they are softer than anything ive ever played.

Paul Summerside says:

been quite a few years since I used a Callaway golf ball, but always liked using them when I did. I would very happily try the supersoft ball, as I really love the softer feel balls and will happily put up with a bit of scuffing for that additional feel around the green. I think the supersoft would be great for windy days and playing links golf, where keeping the ball down and making chip n run shots would be the order of the day. As much as like a ball to be able to spin nicely off a wedge, there are times that will forgo that.

Michael Nelson says:

Rick, I recently played some supersofts and found I liked the feel on all my shots. I had good stopping power on the greens but the greens were soft and forgiving that day. I have never hit a Titleist ball I did not like. Rick Shiels Golf What is your favorite ball of all time for soft feel and performance?

thinair says:

By watching your videos, less back spin is key to longer distance. Which mid range price ball would be good for this?

TheJbreck10 says:

Great videos. I'd love to see a golf ball match up video pitting snell mtb red vs vice pro vs cut blue golf balls.

Cammed 3valve says:

Hey Rick, I was wondering if you could do a review on the Maxfli softfli and straightfli as well as the Maxfli Ufli soft and Ufli speed. I have heard great things about them. I'd prefer a cheaper ball than the tp5 or sirxon. I like soft with decent spin. I prefer cheap because I can find trees and water better than most.


Duncan Clark says:

Yeah super soft is not high spin at all, I use them and the other day my drive hit the green and rolled off

David K says:

Rick do you have any suggestions for a ball for a high handicapper playing a Wilson D350 set irons. My swing is pretty slow club speed hence the reason I bought the cavity back improvement iron's so I can swing smooth. I feel as though the Pro V1's react the best off my driver, but for a slower speed swing like mine is there a ball that will react well with my iron's?

Chris Pellatt says:

I have to say that these are the most comprehensive review of golf balls on YouTube. Absolutely fantastic job. Rick I want to say a big thank you for all the effort that you are putting in. I have one question and it's to do with the launch monitor. I know it isn't an important figure (all my clubs are measured in carry only) but how can the monitor show a roll out of 9-13 yards for a 7 iron?? There is no possible way. I play on hard fast greens in Queensland, Australia (you've reviewed Windaroo C.C. which used to be my home club as a junior) and there is no way that I get 5 yards of roll out in the middle of summer in still conditions. Have you ever had this explained to you?? Just seems a weird quirk.

Joma _ says:

Who da wants their ball to stop on the green? I Don't drive 400 yards?

Brian Brooks says:

Noticed your Chrome Soft had 2 dots, recently purchased new edition the Chrome Soft did not have 2 dots… which is correct.

Seth Ward says:

Can you do one with the new Superhot?

Clynton Moorcroft says:

Hi rick. Please could you do a review of the new Callaway superhot bold.

Michael Ward says:

After seeing this video I might try the chrome aofts out because I dont like a hard feeling ball so I wont like the x because when you were on the course testing you aaid the chrome soft were still soft harder then the super softs bujt atil soft and you aaid the x felt hard but it is a l ittle weird that mark was testing these balls and tested the supersoft and he was getting 6800 rpm on a 7 iron but your getting 5100 rpm must be swings and i was getting around 6500 rpm with my 7 iron with them

Michael Ward says:

And the supersoft package actually says low spin for full shots and on the other side of the package it says the new tri ionemer cover formulation increases softness for better feel amd more shot stopping wedge spin so they say with wedges it has great spin but for full shots it hels lower the spin for more distance

Michael Ward says:

Whats crazy is when you tested them you thought the chrome soft had neutral spin and the chrome soft x had great spin and the super soft had good spin I always thought the supersoft had great spin also I still feel that way but wow the spin on the chrome softs are amazing

Michael Ward says:

I love the callaway super softs they are literally my favorite golf ball that ive uaed yet still use them to this day amazing feel at least to me and i get great distance and it seems like I hit them better then any other gold ball ive used

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