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Sharky Sharky says:

The first 460 cc launcher they made is still a great club. Would love to see Rick do a review on that.

Keyser Soze says:

Where are the American reviewers of golf equipment? These Shield and Crossfiels beer-belly Brits look like dorks and they talk funny with their weird speech impediments.

WailDiagram 23 says:

Missed it pencil HB driver now there's a draw boom boom

Cedric Quartey says:

What Nike shoe model?? They’re super clean.

Sheep Sheep says:

I had one of the first Cleveland launcher when I was 16, it was awesome and the sound certainly made a statement on the course.

Justin Taylor says:

Interesting theory. Cleavland already has the strong wedge profile and market share so even if this more budget range doesn't do any better than the Srixon version they know the brand will survive because they have done it before. Smart thinking,.
I play Srixon myself and
they are very good. I have always felt cleavland irons and woods were underrated so really happy to see them back. Who knows, maybe Adams golf will be reborn. (Pre taylormade era please) Adams golf invented the speed slot which is why Taylor made bought them and then destroyed them. Company's that can afford to take some risk can be innovators. Cleavland could be that style of company or branch of company. If the innovations fail to live up to the packaging the brand won't suffer as it's wedges aren't affected and if it's more budget people will still consider the next new line. The high end market isn't tarnished as it's branded differently (Srixon) and not associated with it market wise either.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Love it. I still game a HiBore Xl and it is super loud!

Rob Brown says:

You speak about Cleveland making wedges but you forget about Cleveland's putters. When they came out with their classic about 6 years or so ago they took off with putters. A cheap milled face that people liked and they have continued making quality putters.

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

Not a bad driver but very average

Karen Slack says:

Would be interesting to do a comparison between the launcher hb and the cobra f max drivers

Josh Richardson says:

I honestly love a loud driver! I used to hit the Nike SQ Machspeed and it was really loud. Recently played golf with my brother in law (who has my old Nike driver) and I miss my loud driver lol

Scott Dreyfus says:

They made this set because the srixon 355 line didn't sell well. The new srixon drivers are fantastic.

Hrafn Vanr says:

I love loud contact sounds. Instantly gives me positive feedback when I strike the ball true

Robert King says:

My son used Cleveland launchers and had a -2 handicap

Zach Laing says:

Lmao this man struggles to drive over 300 yards, meanwhile there are kids in highschool driving 350+

Nate Ross says:

XXIO is in the same family. Talk about them.

Steven Mondazzi says:

Hit this driver at a local demo day – first thing I noticed was how loud it was as well, produced a loud ting sound. It hit okay but still prefer my Cobra F6 with the loft adjustability. Tried the 3 wood too and did like that club, wasn't as loud and launched well from the turf. Reminded me of the new Callaway XR 3 wood. Think I'll pass though on these clubs.


Another great review Rick, can you try and get hold of a Krank Formula 7 to review .

Mud Max Metal Detecting says:

Some golfers are going to love that sound, depends on what you think equates to power maybe?  Pleased to see Cleveland are making more clubs again, they are good at clubs, better than many realise in my opinion.  I bag the Cleveland Launcher driver and 3 wood, the later models, and I love them.

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