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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels reviews the LATEST COBRA F8+ DRIVER using GCQuad and Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls!

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VideoEditorScott says:

The regular F8 looks like it performs just as well for a lower price. I would be interested in seeing you hit it with the stock shafts regular and stiff.

Jason Forinash says:

pretty much if your wanting a TM M2, Callaway Epic, Ping drivers. this driver is pretty much all those brands in one driver. I could def see my self gaming this driver. looking down on it looks jus like my M2 so I'd feel at home with that. how does it compare to the F7 is the real questions

Joseph Davis says:

Rick. I find it funny that you say you get better performance with cobra when you hit it high on the face. With my F7 I get huge distance when I hit it low on the face. Like crazy long.

Gerard Funds says:

Absolutely love the look of this driver…never played any Cobra product before but I'd be surprised if this doesnt go in the bag for next season!! The milled face idea is brilliant!!

Strad 4321 says:

You need to have this in the bag when you go and destroy the Golfholics. : )

Happy Duffer says:

I can't remember the last time I saw such a tight dispersion during one of your driver test. How is this not going in your bag?

Peter Schmitt says:

Why no demos of the Mizuno ST180 yet?  Just curious.  Great videos as always.

Lucas Mulvehill says:

F8+ is sick! My wife's gonna kill me

Mark Johnson says:

But is 25 yards offline acceptable? Surely that would miss the fairway

John Newell says:

Rick, great info as always. I noticed you mentioned that Cobra works for those who hit down on the driver, is it possible that you could do a series on the best driver for us flawed swing people, slicer, hooker, toe hitters as I am? Obviously fixing the flaw would be best, but I can't seem to not hit off the toe. Thanks in advance John from South Dakota.

frikadellenkind says:

This was 3 years ago:
it is all about marketing. COR is limited for years now.

Scott says:

No shots with the weight back?

butette says:

If Rick was not a golf professional, I am convinced that he would be a car salesman.

Albany Fx says:

Worth upgrade over the Epic subzero?

michael horner says:

Try hitting down on it a degree or so and see what kind of results you get?

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