(*NEW GOLF DRILLS) How To Hit Driver Straighter & Farther!

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This video is about (*NEW GOLF DRILLS) How To Hit Driver Straighter & Farther! For more golf tips and golf swing & driving drills please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and golf instruction please click the “Show More” button below.

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(*NEW GOLF DRILLS) How To Hit Driver Straighter & Farther!


Mike Mayhew says:

Terrific Video, what would you say about left knee position on takeaway?

Dogbreath says:

My right hand/wrist are fused, so my wrist no longer flexes backward. Am I doomed to dead pulls ?

Michael Parsons says:

Great video! I’ve been trying to work on bringing the hands down to my outer right thigh (shallowing), but I seem to lose swing speed & distance. Any tips on increasing swing speed?

AC H says:

What shoes are those?

Pradumn srivastava says:

Sir is 10 finger grip is good for swing ?
I use 10 finger grip but so many too many golf teacher say that it is not good ?
I am very confused ??

camelCase says:

Been playing very consistent bogey golf this season. Only takes 2 holes of mistakes to destroy a score card. How can you put together a mistake free 18 hole round?

Larry Vawter says:

I am a very high handicapper , your videos are extremely helpful . overall to achieve straight consistent drives is to just relax , keep your left arm straight …just slow down . As one person told me just be Larry and not Tiger

Max Moreno says:

Thanks Adam every time I watch I have a little epiphany the swing path part was very enlightening. My friends think I hit very straight and I can fade and draw when needed, but I don't know if I will ever be happy with my swing always a work in progress. All the best and thank you

Chacarron91 says:

Amazing stuff! You're the real deal! Thanks!

greg papa says:

Swing looks good Adam

JD says:

Adam, the club face really closed? << or did you right shoulder go OUT and across on that one going left! So many times in order for us to hit it we try and do it with our upper body instead of releasing with our hands and arms!

James Fondren says:

Is this a reupload?

G Man says:

What you said was great because I just started doing that draw away a few months ago and I’m hitting it much much straighter but you did say further in the title. Where was that in the video? Did I miss something?

Jimmy Fish says:

I really like your content it helped me with my driving.
I am a low handicap golfer but my drives go left to right, this video really helped

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