New Level Golf 623 M Forged Iron Review

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New Level Golf……a brand new golf company that is offering quality forged golf irons to suit all levels of golfers. This video I review the 623 M forged iron using launch monitor and also my feedback on the looks and feel of this iron.

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Jay Walk444 says:

I'm not a fan of the look at all. Gives the impression of being designed to look a bit weird just to attract attention to get the bramd better known (which i dont mind them doing but it doea mean they look nasty). Hopefully they'll move away from this sort of thing as they become more well known.

Dean Marshall says:

I'd be interested to see you review the Miura MC-501. Any chance of that happening?

thecman26 says:

How much are their clubs? Not really kind of them to sell right handed only though!

Philip S says:

It seems to be a bit of an 'in thing' to have the striped back on irons, eg Taylor Made. To me the 610 is the best looking of the 4 clubs, but to each his own.

Troy H. says:

Best looking iron out there IMO

Still Ill says:

I think they look fantastic!! Should be really soft considering the material used in them.

Malcolm Evans says:

They look great from above or looking at the club face but less so from the back. It seems odd the company talking about forgiveness. Surely these are essentially blades and only for the best ball strikers. Also, I'm curious how they compare to your v6s for feel and flight? Presumably the latter are much more forgiving?

mike best says:

Would look a decent club with out that pointless George Forman grill on the back .

danthemanwhocancan says:

Look a bit like a very cheap Miura clone. Would rather spend a bit more and get the real deal.

Robert Tudor says:

They remind me of the Mizuno True irons. The look to me is is very very nice. Good to see other brands being reviewed other than the big names.

TZOID08 says:

I'm not a fan of the looks and $ 199 is out of line…………

Joe Perez says:

Can't stomach the look of the back of those irons. Very "machine-shop" looking. Looks like a club that you'd buy after watching a TV infomercial.

Just don't like those lines, in these irons, or the cavities of the other New Level, or Taylormade irons (P-750, P-760) either.

Mike Reed says:

These clubs appear to have an "industrial" design quality to them. Very modern, sharp looking. I look forward to the rest of your reviews on their other clubs. I would be interested to know which model they recommend for us with higher handicaps. Also, the prices on their website put them out of my price range.

joseph mckane says:

Hi Micheal I would like to see you hit a 4 iron in testing as well as a 7 iron great videos keep it up

Chester says:

I would definitely use iron head covers on these New Level models.  They look too nice to let the heads get nicked up.

Randy Mahony says:

I just don't like the horizontal lines. Another company came out with a club recently and I didn't like those either.

TXchadTX says:

these do look tasty

Kevin says:

They make nice looking/performing irons, but I'm surprised at their price point considering they're a new brand no one's heard of. I'd rather get Mizunos for less or if money isn't an object I'd get PXGs instead.

안지환 says:

beautiful… awesome !!

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