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Rick Shiels tests the NEW MIZUNO JPX900 HOT METAL, FORGED & TOUR IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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Toddie Perkins says:

They are giving away a set of TaylorMade clubs at

icu Rad says:

yep, I still have my chromoly BMX. I still can't hit a golf ball with it. it's a tough metal and that's why it gives the ball speed.

age s says:

everything Japanese is good, cars, technology and golf clubs. accept that power plant

Chris Haggarty says:

Great review. Just picked up my set of the JPX 900 Forged irons c/w the KBS C Taper Lite Stiff shafts this afternoon. Can't wait to get them out on the course this weekend (U.K. Weather permitting !!!)

tigerbalm says:

If you switched to Kirkland balls, everyone could afford to switch to these higher quality clubs and STOP wasting $45/doz for Pro-V's!

gee gee k says:

I was using the JPX 850 forged and now playing the JPX 900 hot metal for 3 rounds of golf so far….results with the 900's were better forgiveness , at  least 5 yds. farther , a soft feel  ,and a great looking club….awesome clubs.

John jsmit says:

Rick , I have the JPX EZ Forged Boron ( Last years Irons ) Are these worth upgrading to ? Is there a significant difference between the two ?

TherymasterWidnes says:

Rick, whats the better feel, tour 900 or MP-5's?

Jon B says:

If you are a non-Mizuno player you will probably love these. If you are a Mizuno player, they are just ehh. Sweet looking but over hyped in my opinion.

R L says:

You gonna kick out the iblades and game these?

Jon B says:

will someone compare the feel to PXG for crying out loud???

unknown121290 says:

I don't like the look of the jpx 900 tour

Austin Meehan says:

Beautiful irons!

peter paulsen says:

Pls have rob try these

VWRabbit2008 says:

Tried the forged and tour the other day. I straight nutted the tour more than the forged but my ball striking isn't good enough for the long irons, but my god did I fall in love with them. #nutted#needtopracticemore

Tom Duckworth says:

Rick I hope you will review the new Wilson FG Tour V6 irons they look great. I don't think I have ever seen you review Wilson equipment.

fofeba 2rar says:

Love the Forged. JPX 900 driver vs M1 please.

Min Lee says:

I had the same results with the JPX 900 Forged with regards to spin…for some reason the numbers were REALLY low

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

Nothing Like Mizuno.I love them,I have the Mp25 Forged set,nothing feels like.Grate clubs.

Alabaster245 says:

Cool Clubs. Mizuno always makes great equipment. Can't go wrong.

Alexandra A says:

Hey Rick, are those the correct launch angles for a 7 iron? I went and did testing and found out that I was launching the 7 iron at 30 degrees, that is way to high huh? Do you know how much distance I would lose launching it that high? Also would a stiff shaft help keep a lower ball flight? Thanks Greg Kaludis

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