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Rick Shiels tests the NEW MIZUNO JPX900 TOUR IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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Aidan Boyce says:

Can you please review these again since you changed your swing?!

Paul Thomas says:

its called satin not fuzzy

Neil Bennett says:

Just brought a set of these, OMG awesome, 4th set of Mizuno's , can't beat the feeling!

Molton Wolf says:

They look like they have a sandblasted or shot finish. It's a nice looking club!

Cheng Xiao says:

You dont need to hit middle, im an 8 handicap and still miss center on my tours alot still very consistent once fitted with proper shaft lie etc

Dereck Dunn says:

I hope Mizuno keeps making this version of the JPX series. I love the brushed finish and the feel they have. Feel every bit as good as any of the MP irons I've owned/hit.
I honestly don't understand how these clubs are demanding. Maybe it's bc I've recently been playing my old set of Mizuno T-Zoid True blades. I found the JPX's to be way more forgiving than I expected. Despite Rick talking about how these Tours are demanding Rick's miss hits on this video MAYBE only lost 4 yards….and many times none at all. That said, I can understand why Rick said that given the scope of his audience. If you aren't a mid to mid-high consistent striker of the golf ball these clubs definitely won't do you any favors. When I tested the JPX Tours and the JPX Forged I noticed no difference in forgiveness between the 2. They also looked exactly the same when setting up to the ball (in the 6-iron at least). Todays blades all seem to have a thicker topline compared to what I'm used to with the old Mizuno T-Zoid True blades from 1999. Haven't hit the MP-4's…but I'm guessing they look much more thin from the top like my T-Zoid True's. I found the JPX Tours to feel every bit as soft as the MP-5's (Exact same metallurgy) while being more forgiving. The forgiveness may be subjective bc I liked the look of the JPX Tours more and may have hit them better bc of that….and the small cavity (frame) behind the club face made me FEEL like I had some help on miss hits. Felt like the perfect mix between a players blade and players cavity back iron. I felt much like Rick did about the brushed metal finish. I've owned polished T-Zoid True's and MP Mizuno's for years. Every imperfection gathered overtime is easily noticeable on the bottom of these clubs, and they WILL dent due to the soft forging. It's purely a cosmetic thing….but I like the fact that these look like clubs that are meant to be worked instead of delicate shiny pieces of jewelry.
Had to decide between the MP-25's and the JPX Tours. Went to my fitter (The Golf Doctor, Woodstock GA) and after my 2.5 hour fitting i ordered the full JPX Tour 3-PW set with Nippon N.S. Pro Superpeening Orange X-Stiff shafts (not offered by Mizuno but my custom fitter Chad found these shafts worked best with my swing based on the Trackman numbers and visual ball flight at the range). Can't wait to get them.
I didn't known any PGA Tour Pro's were using the JPX Tours until after the Open. I assumed all the pros used MP's. Good to see their are winning professional golfers that appreciate these irons. I hope Mizuno continues making a player iron in the JPX series for many many years.

wazi13 says:

Carry distance not that important if you have strong lofted irons. your ball will be coming in low and will lack stopping power. All about trajectory!

B_Smed says:

Why do you care so much about distance? thats not what these are made for.

Thomas Baycroft says:

Can you do a Mizuno T7 wedge test please? Love the videos!!!

Brian Stratton says:

These are truly amazing! It was hard for me to put JPX into the bag (usually an MP only player). But I really love the Tour's!!!

Justin Loomis says:

Hit them today and they didn't feel a soft as the MP4. Even dead center strikes weren't nearly as buttery as I had hoped. They almost felt like a Ping iron.

Station 2Station says:

Rick, I truly think you're overpowering the stock AMT S300 shaft. It's hard to middle every shot when you're warping the shaft a bit. I'll bet you'd kill these in the AMT X100

Ryan Finney says:

Mizuno standard length is 1/2 inche shorter than other oem's

Scott Stewart says:

The finish of the metal makes it look soft. I had the 850 forged and did not like them. They felt harder but I played mp 30's for 10 years so maybe I was spoiled with feel.

Justin Salum says:

they have the same finish as the C-Tapers. That set up is gorgeous

T Crow says:

I tried these the other day and they are quite demanding. You are right that if you miss the middle, the ball just won't get there. Superb feeling when you hit middle, but too demanding for me. Forged version was very nice.

Alex Nuschke says:

Hi Rick. What shaft did you have in this? Would you consider these the softest feeling irons on the market when struck in the middle? Thanks.

Sam Redding says:

I've got a fitting for a set of these in a couple of weeks. Hit one from off the shelf today and felt awesome looking forward to feeling them when their fitted correctly.

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