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Sean Strehl says:

I find it funny people want Rick to do a head to head vs clubs he's already tested…for instance the Wilson V6. You can just watch each video and do a head to head yourself by simply taking notes. It's that easy people.

Zac Bromhead says:

Hey Rick I'd love to know your thoughts on these Mp-18 SCs vs the Titleist 718 CBs, I can't wait to hit both but i'm leaning towards the Titleists. What are you thoughts as both reviews seem to be the best irons you've hit in a long time.

Jay Stevons says:

Game these irons.

Shane Kurilla says:

I honestly believe that you should donate these irons to me please

Matt Parsons says:

Oh snap. Rick, I just hit these. I cannot believe how awesome these are. I want them!!!

Fozbo says:

I can't help but being terribly envious of your setup.

Neil Wiggins says:

Sorry Rick, I understand that this may fill the coffers but so many club reviews are getting a bit boooooringzzzzzzzzzzz – as you have said it is your tastes and opinions the results are based on so if if you think it absolutely fantastic another might find them absolutely C**p -sorry again

Matt Doane says:

If I didn't love my current set, Bridgestone J15CB, I'd buy these in a heartbeat.

Topbloke Golf says:

Why don't they show the bloody price!!!

Ron Smith says:

Is it just me, or do these look a lot like the Pink iblades?

sigtausteve says:

I love mizunos irons. I had a put together set from eBay and loved them so much. The look and feel even for the older model was still incredible. Unfortunately I am not a long hitter and bought a set of Taylor maxes. But my distance is getting better as my body movement and strike location is getting better and I see a set of these in my future. #nothingfeelslikeamizuno

melvin sacromentoe says:

Put em in the bag

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