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barney germany says:

i'm waiting of the new t7 in black (t9?)…i hope without boron, for the better feel line t5..the s18 is to big…

Justin Stephenson says:

I have now had the 50 & 54 for 3 weeks and a few rounds of golf. I have them in black which is very pretty. The s18 wedges are very, very consistent for distance which in turn makes it very easy to control distance on less than full swing. Rick is right about the spin, it is very good but not the very best. TM Milled is a very good alternative

Craig Jacobsen says:

The Mack Daddy forged review showed spin from 100 with a 56 degree in the 10,000 plus range. Here, the spin was over 11,000. Shiels felt the MD forged was perfect. Here, the spin was “enough,” but not as good as others. It seems inconsistent.

Justin Stephenson says:

Just come back from testing this against RTX3, Vokey & TM milled. Mizuno was a clear winner for me, very consistent on distance, very soft feel. Not the highest flying wedge but very controllable. Have ordered the 50 & 54 in black

Swansong 007 says:

You made a right mess of that video Rick.

Joe Dubiel says:

Great review but I will holding onto my Callaway Mack Daddy PM grind wedges. Hit a beauty to get out of the sand Sunday with one of them.

Anderson Home says:

I like the new way your are showing loft of the club face on the videos.

Hbomb Burgess says:

They look awesome I might get them

3DGvisuals says:

I just got a 52 and 58 in the black finish and they're definitely the highest spinning wedges I've had, and if the boron does what it's supposed to (ie make the grooves last longer) then I think they could be the best wedges out there! PS, I'm not just basing this on high spin, but the way they interact with the turf is helping me a lot, plus I hit a lot high towards the toe and the altered C.O.G seems to counteract my mistakes really rather nicely.

Joshua Core says:

Meant to comment on a few of these Mizuno reviews, I grew up in a town called Boron! Looking like I'd be the perfect Mizuno rep….hook me up Rick! ?

Todd Whittaker says:

For wedges, FEEL. I find that too much spin seems to hurt my chips ( bounce offline after the first hop) in some cases. Great review, as always.

Malcolm A. says:

Super looking wedge – wouldn't mind having the black finish version
To answer your last question; I tend to go for feel rather than spin
Loved the review as always

Bijorn Yesterday says:

0:33 Seeing as you are praising the design, you mean 'simple'. 'Simplistic' is pejorative.

MrMarcelthomas says:

Ive got these in 45, 50 56 and 60 degrees in black. there extremely easy to hit, fly a lot higher than my last wedges and just build confidence when hitting full shots and short cheeky chips absolutely love them!!!

Tyler Rucinsky says:

Could you do a compilation video of the wedges with the most spin Rick Shiels

wayne osborne says:

Hey mate I've been watching your spin videos on your chanall thanks for the help can u plzz check out my 50yrd spin video and comment what you think down in the comments of the video ,
Do you think it's to much spin ? …..

Troy Alva says:

Comparing the T-7 to the S-18 is like comparing apples to oranges… come on Ricky boi.

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