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PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels spent some time reviewing the NEW ODYSSEY O-WORKS PUTTERS whilst he was at the beautiful Saadiyat Beach Golf Club in Abu Dhabi


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Logan Par says:

2 ball is way too underrated

Laudrengen says:

All they need is some RGB lights and they could have been designed by ASUS… Very ugly design 😛

Michael Luttrell says:

howdy Rick, I am legally blind. Not much Darkness but lots of fogginess and blurriness. Which one of these shows the most contrast in your opinion? Or should I consider the white hot putters? I like the Fang style putters. The bigger the better. Thanks for all your videos. Have pic most of my clubs on your recommendations.

Ray Farrell says:

When is the Odyssey Tuttle going to be released

Mike Susco says:

I have the O Works 7 and it's legit. Feels so nice when it's struck well and it rolls beautifully. I love it, if only I could always putt a good stroke on it lmao.

Mark Goddard says:

I just picked up a used one, love odyssey Putters. the feel of the ball coming off the face is amazing

Don Altemus says:

I play odyssey.. but to each is own.. whatever feels best to you is what you should play. Odyssey has always been king for my stroke and I love where they are going

Evil Master's Game Room says:

Playing the 7s black fang this season, mistakenly ended up with that version over the tank. Wishing I had the tank version… Might just change to the longer grip and install an extension to see if it becomes comparable or not.

Randy Mahony says:

I use the O1 with a plumber's neck and I love it. Good review.

CubsFan0918 says:

I have a 7s

Keith Finley says:

The 7 is a great design. You should do a head to head vs Ping Sigma G Tyne

Lee Sonnenburg says:

I've never been a good putter. Grip has sucked, can't read greens, can't hit straight off the face etc. I went to Golftown and was playing around with the Odyssey 2 ball and holy moley, I was draining so many putts it was almost unreal. I had been working on my grip and gotten more comfortable with the stroke recently but I gotta tell you that a good putter makes all the difference. It was so easy to line up it was unfair.

lethal weapon says:

Odyssey have already made the perfect putter with the 2ball white hot pro!! Its just a magic wand in the bag! I own a Taylormade spider ? and a scotty cameron Newport? but the 2ball for being half the price of these i dunno why i never got it to begin with?

C Yurkky says:

I would prefer ping

G.O.A.T_Gaming says:

o works putter or scotty cameron 2018? i am looking into a putter and would like to have some opinions

tippyswag5 says:

Bought the 7 tank today!!

e james says:

black and white and a splash of red are the colours of manchester city.

howard bursey says:

Have an original 2ball. Just had to have ball inserts replaced do to damage after 15 years. Have one of these wedge odyssey putters with the new face hate, absolutely hate the sound at impact. Do not like these new face putters from odyssey.

Brennin Scott says:

I love my tank 7 it's a really great putter, better than my other putter that I had!!

Paavo Markkanen says:

That kid in the background is gone be rick one day

Jonathan Simmons says:

Just bought mine today! About a year late but whatever

SJWs Attack! says:

Got a #7 Tank. Really loving it so far.

Nathan Jones says:

Just bought one trying it out on the course tomorrow

Idk_1996 says:

I ordered one of these putters today

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