**NEW** Superspeed Golf Training Aid – Honest Review

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Trent gives you the run down and product testing for the new Superspeed Golf Training aid! Let us know what you think!


John Hue says:

Your left hand swing s pretty good, better than most people's. Are you ambidextrous or have you trained yourself to swing left handed ? I have watched several of these Superspeed golf reviews and the left hand swings normally look poor relative to the right hand ones. This product works. Do you get an initial gain with it then progress stops and once you have the gains do you have to continue with the training to maintain it ?

Johnston says:

88 to 99 in 3 weeks ,,its also help in timing ,they work !

J Whip says:

Dude! Are you a switch golfer!?

Kevin Boudreau says:

Harder swing harder damnit!

Kevin Boudreau says:

What do you keep looking up to? Tiger woods poster…?

jibboom2112 says:

Damn good left handed swing.

Big Greg sparks says:

I got up to 135-139 driver speed before winter, but couldn't train in winter because the cold in Ohio. I dropped down to 131-132 max, but have done 3 sessions this year and got up to 133-135 so far.

Mike B says:

<<–raises hand. Um, how does your swing speed go up 4 mph, but your ball speed only 1 mph? Is your smash factor way down?

Jared Ungerland says:

I’ve been considering buying this training system for the upcoming season (upstate NY – waiting for everything to thaw out) and this is the best review I have found on YouTube for the SuperSpeed golf. Thanks for the honest review and can’t wait to see your progression.

Big Greg sparks says:

When I train, I do like you said, but 3 sets instead of one.

Jerry Petersen says:

Just a short suggestion, you are doing the intro session not level 1. However liked the review

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