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PGA Golf Pro and YouTube Club Reviewer Rick Shiels tests the latest TaylorMade M1 IRONS for 2017 using GC2 and HMT

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SH7DOWS says:

I have bought every set of clubs that Taylormade released since the 2000's, never missed an update. Every time I upgraded, it shaved my score by 2-3 shots. I was a single digit handicapper, but now I am shooting consistently in the low 50's. So take it from me, if you want to improve your game, never miss an update! Good luck…

Michael Maloney says:

what shaft are you using in these? the stock xp95? what are your thoughts on how a kbs tour stiff + would knock the launch dwon sligtly

Wisconsin Golf Boy says:

Psi is the best iron they brought out

Scott Martin says:

Hi Rick just bought a set of talyormade M1 irons I think they are awesome a bit of getting use to cause I had talyormade MB blades before them

Phong Nguyen says:

I just got this M1 set. What I would say is that they are really forgiving. My miss are often a low cut and they still deliver some distance and a bit higher compared to my old sets. Tge loft does help with distance and so with the idea of the ability of hitting far with lower club does improve my confident playing irons from 220 yards out. The sound and feel is on the mid point of the spectrum between a forged and cast irons. Not as soft feeling or have a sweeter sound but also not as tingy and strong feel as other game improvement irons

Tod Pharis says:

I was just fitted for the M1's. They outperformed everything else. I am only an 8 hdcp but am hoping the entire M family will drop me to a 6. Love the look.

Joe Rogan says:

would you recommend the m1 or m2 for a beginner?

Eric James says:

What's crazy to me is so many people hating on the thicker top line or larger face or stronger lofts/lower center of gravity, or chunkiness. These clubs have a purpose. There are other offerings out there if you want a smaller club head with less technology. My guess is most of you that think blades or smaller heads are more sexy and look better can't hit them to save your life and should probably be in a game improvement/hybrid like these and just too egotistical to admit it. They aren't as large and bulky as the M2 or other super game improvement irons. All other manufacturers are doing the same. Get on the train because this is the future of golf equipment. It's proven through statistic backed science. When your buddies or competitors are hitting the ball straighter and longer and you are there praising the simplicity and sexiness of your blades you look like an idiot.

Jan Tunalv says:

Don't you really think the top line on the M1 is too thick? I've hit both the M1 and the P770 (7-irons) and I found the P770 reasonably easy to hit and quite good height as well. But the M1 top line really
makes me think twice. So, I'm now really contemplating a combo set with 5-8 in M1 and 9-AW in P770 with the lofts adjusted on the P770 to match the M1.
Any thoughts on that?

Helena Vidal says:

Hi Rick – really like the reviews – when will you be reviewing the Srixon 765's and 965's? Clubs used by the best player on the planet at the moment Hideki Matsuyama.

Adam says:

Guys I can't afford these. But I would LOVe the extra distance with height. What is a reason I would want an iron more like AP2 than this? Give me a reason will help me feel better. Thanks

Sunny So says:

Better looking than the ugly AP and Ping G irons

Mark Ochinegro says:

TM had no other choice but to include the slot into the hosel of this club. The gaps between each club most be huge. I can't imagine anyone buying these off the shelf without getting properly fitted.

James Flynn says:

lol. my 4 iron is 24 degrees. not that I hit it as well. but that's a crazy lofted 5 iron. I walked out of a fitting because he tried selling me on distance.

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