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Reviewed by PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Studio in Lytham using GC2 and HMT launch monitor to provide you with the best possible information about the NEW TAYLORMADE M2 DRIVER REVIEW



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Sunday Gunday Channel says:

M2 would be my next driver if I didn't have my Vapor Speed.

dadartful says:

What is the weight of the insert and can it be removed. If so where can I get a wrench.

Oscar says:

"M2" makes sense you knob.

whogg0521 says:

Just got mine today…shame on you and Pete for "forcing" me to get it. 10.5 degree, Rogue 60, X stiff, tipped to 45.25. Will let you know how it goes, but I loved hitting my buddies….I just couldn't fight the feeling any longer. Still have my G30 though.

stephanie chew says:

bought one a couple of weeks ago. the best driver ive bought for a long time and ive tried a few.

Tim Random says:

Yo who can see my comments

Ted Hackett says:

does it sound the same as the m1

Alex Wilson says:

Surely the price doesn't matter if the club works for you ! If you are concerned about having the latest club then TM are all over you !! Great review, agree on the name front, but they do have a multi millions sales / marketing team behind them so sadly it works ??

jays24 says:

Is it me or the first ball you hit was a little draw on the simulator and when we see outside it looks like its fading?

MinecraftSeries1999 says:

Can you make a m1/m2 vs older Taylormade models. r11s/sldr/r15

ticleve2 says:

So, Rick, why don't you weigh the 2 heads to see if there is a difference?

Cambell Hogg says:

Bang! straight in the bag Rick?

Frank Cruz says:

I like that TM releases so many clubs, that means I can buy the OLD model at a discount when it has been out for just a few months and take advantage of better technology at a discount. IMHO drivers really evolve significantly every 2 years, Irons and other clubs more like 3 to 5 years….

Derek Ross says:

Hit the M2 and say its crap, if thats the case you need lessons not a new driver. Its better than the M1 imo as its setup perfectly and you can have a plethora of shafts in it as standard.

Gianmarco Balsamo says:

@rick have u see how many pro's switch to m2 from m1?

JoeBortz19 says:

Would love to see a direct m1 vs m2 comparison

Gerry Armstrong says:

The headcover looks like it belongs on a rescue club it looks so small.

MrFrischi says:

Yes, thanks review Rick, like it! I think the M2 is the wright driver for me and the RBZ 2 will be in retirement next week 🙂
Greets for GER.

eddie brown says:

Why spend 400 bucks for the M2. I'm saving up another 400 so I can buy the M3 and 7/8 that's coming out next year. It's back weight is actually a small piece of moon rock brought back from the space program. NASA was hurting so Taylormade made them an offer…… about improving your launch angle. I'm stoked……

David Forde says:

Does it have a draw biased model?

Max Tremaine says:

The AP2 didn't replace the AP1…

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