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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels checks out the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER & M4 DRIVER in this first look and first hit video!

Full indepth review will be arriving in 2 weeks!

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Gerard Funds says:

I believe that the "twist face" (not to be confused with "two face" villain from Batman) tech was tried in 2000s by Titleist Acushnet (Patented in 2007) and Cobra in 2012…hmmmm! Apparently the "new face" technology may not new so new or revolutionary at all.

Mathmile Golf Channel says:

Come see our channel we did a new video!!

Jimmy Pustelniak says:


3DGvisuals says:

That's the first review I've seen that isn't glowing praise for them both, so I'm very pleased to see that. I often wonder whether other reviewers edit out their worst shots, but not Rick, otherwise the videos would be very short 😛 . Only pulling your leg Rick. Great vid.

deymayor2 says:

Taylormade has been too gimmicky in the past and these new drivers top them all. They hit the jackpot with the p790 irons and fell flat with their woods.

Marno De bruin says:

Hi Rick, Have you tested the new callaway rogue driver?

Rick Cain says:

Nice to see you can still spray the ball all over the place regardless of the flip face

Michael Pope says:

Thanks for review, but if your miss is right and you hit it with an open face on the toe? Wouldn’t that make you slice it? If your miss is a pull and you hit it with a close face on the heel, wouldn’t that make you hook it more?

GolfBox Reviews says:

Like the new format! ?

Michael West says:

The Twist Face in intriguing. I'm the type willing to sacrifice a little bit of yardarge for optimized consistency and forgiveness. So far, I've been leaning toward a fitting on the Titleist 917 D2 (not my favorite looker, but I'm looking to be the best in my group everytime)). Sounds like the most dialed in, catered to you driver than most, with the misses being less big. Definately considering the M2's and the M4. Or an M1/M3 if I plan to have it long-term to adjust to my swing. Can you test missing off of the sweet spot with the M4 460 on toe and heel, and also the sweet spot? Can you test on the M3 460 standard position, one weight full Draw with the front weight at standard position for draw/fade, and then one with the fade? Intriguing stuff. Then we can get a feel really what most shots may look like. Honestly I really like the looks of these.  Sleek,  modern. And like you said, balanced. I think it has the mean look you've mentioned with some of the Ping drivers. Love the videos, Rick. Cheers!

Bubba Cumlat says:

When will be release to the public? Thank you

Adam Belleville says:

I want to know more about the twist face? The open toe shot is the driver more wild than previous models?

Nicholas Smith says:

I agree with them looking like BMW. If I was in advertising I would do the color like that because you think BMW you think sports car that is fast. Fast car fast ball speed maybe where they going with this?

Matt Leaman says:

M1 vs M3/M2 vs M4

Josh says:

I play a Cobra ZL Encore and I'm pretty sure that has a bit of a "twisted" face.

Jordan Hall says:

At first glance…….the color way isn't that appealing. I guess it's nice just not what I would have expected after the other M drivers.

Logan McEvoy says:

That m4 is the ugliest thing

ibass2 says:

Rick, Awesome job explaining the properties of these new offerings….. DJ is liking the M4

Roberto C says:

My initial thoughts on the new face design is that off u miss with a block on the toe, then u r going to miss even worse

Philly BDawk20 says:

What I saw was inconsistency with both drivers. And you are not an inconsistent driver

Jason Little says:

First time i think Ive ever thumbs downed a video of yours Rick. Ive Probably been a bit harsh but I found it all frustrating so figured I Have to give it an honest thumbs down. 12.48 before you hit an official ball, the main feature of the club is the twist face and we didn’t get to see where you struck it exactly. I know and appreciate you are doing full in depth videos soon. Im just being honest and saying I found this particular video frustrating. Regards and respect as always.

TagTeamBravo says:

I'd like to see how each of them perform with different shafts

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