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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels checks out the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 IRONS & M4 IRONS in this first look and first hit video!

Full indepth review will be arriving in 2 weeks!

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Rye says:

I'm looking to get some new clubs Would you say that the Taylormade m1 and m3 are the best club for getting further distance/yardage or does that come down to personal preference or is their other clubs out that'll maximise my yardage and shorten my game? if anyone could answer me that would be appreciated thanks.

bigdog33bad says:

Are the higher lofts more prominent in the mid irons? If the PW is 43.5, would it make that much difference to a 13 handicapper who hits a 45.0 PW?

Daniel Hess says:

Do you think it's better for a beginner golfer to get the M4's and grow out of them, or get the M3's and grow into them?

김훈 says:

I had M2 sets. Face slot caved in 3times. I wasted my money. Taylormade knows the problem. I definitely will not buy it.

phil hellier says:

Rick what's your opinion for what set out of the m3 and m4 are aimed at the lower handicapper if any??

Sunny Bhasin says:

Please post the m3 irons complete review. Thanks. I think I prefer the one-and-done reviews you used to do last year.

MySpankster says:

Hi Rick…i love your videos…i am about a 15-20 handicap…..53 years old….which of the new irons would you say are best for me…..i am looking for very forgiving irons…i currently have Ping G25 and i am not that happy with them..i am looking at cobra / wilson / taylormade and calloway…..can you give me a list of 5 irons that i should try….thx a bunch…cheers

Pablo C says:

Haha “the BMW, i mean the M4 emblem” halarious

Mpi Group says:

Why not make a normal set of clubs like they use to and keep every club 4 degrees apart and you'll end up with 14 clubs simple.

Mpi Group says:

It makes no sense at all to have the lofts so strong when you're allowed to have 14 clubs in the bag. The 4 iron is a 2 iron loft for crying out loud. They just eliminated another club out of the bag which makes no sense. Loft is loft. Making a 7 iron the loft of an almost 5 iron is stupid. They want you to think that that club was made so special that it goes farther because of the new technology but in reality they just strengthened the loft 6 degrees. They have 5 1/2 degrees difference from the PW to the 9 iron and same from the 9 to the 8 and 5 degrees to the 7 iron. Stupid. Why would you want a bigger gap in your shorter irons. And then 2 1/2 degrees from your 5 iron to the 4 iron. Again makes no sense and I can't believe these manufactures are making these irons like this with these inconsistent crazy lofts just to try and fool the guy that doesn't know any better.

John Johnson says:

I would be interested to learn how the P790's compare to the M3/M4 irons. Thank you

Ells Cross says:

Good test rick may try some

Gretchen Goff says:

i am a 4 handicap could i do a graphite shaft m3 3 iron for a driving iron

Terry Johnson says:

I just started playing the P790, would like to see how the M3 stacks up against it.

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