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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the new TAYLORMADE P-750 TOUR PROTO IRONS REVIEW using the latest foresight GCQuad whilst at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando!


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Check out the NEW TAYLORMADE P-770 IRONS REVIEW here

The Golf Life says:

Can you talk less and hit more?

Joe Doaks says:

Rick, comments regarding your personal appearance preferences are completely irrelevant. Please focus on performance and let your viewers make their own decisions regarding cosmetics.

wilsono3170 says:

Better player and GI irons is mostly marketing. Its annoying how rick pedals that marketing.

allo cromeau says:

exactly the same look in the back as the TP 2014MC

Brandon Alan says:

You hit the iblades better as did I. I’m going with the iBlades.

Billy Graham says:

P750 appear to have lofts like blades and muscleback clubs, not like the hybrid player assistance irons. A 35 degree 7 iron, not a 29 degree 7 iron. What sense does it make to just redefine irons by changing lofts to less degrees? At any rate, my question is this: Are these those trampoline face/ thin face clubs? Do you get an extra 10 yards off these clubfaces on the P750s? I hit my muscleback Mizuno 7 iron 160 to 165. What would I get in terms of distance with the P750 7 iron? 170 to 175?

If these P750 irons offer no help, then I ask the question; why can't a manufacturer just produce a trampoline face set of irons but make the lofts like they should be for the number designation on the club? Like a 35 degree 7 iron, not a 29 degree 7 iron? Too much to ask? Did marketing show that the people with money that can buy the player assistance clubs prefer to lie to themselves? Pretend like they are stronger than they really are? Like "hey, look, I hit my 7 iron175 in the air, even though it is really a 6 iron."

Mrbigolnuts says:

Thank you Taylor Made for not makig rounded, girly clubs, these look fantastic!!!

Station 2Station says:

Rick, relax. You are losing your mind with negativity over the P750. They aren't hard to hit and wonderfully shaped.. You played Hogan blades which Maltby PF rate at a miserable 90 on the "playability" scale. The P750 is rated at 401. P770 rated at 518. iBlade at 430.

karncis says:

rick, can we see all the data numbers? i would love to know the spin on these compare to other irons ie p770 and callaway apex pro/ap2s etc. thanks

Sodthong says:

£185 an iron ! Its complete madness..

Wisconsin Golf says:

Angelo ginantoposopolus loves these

Chewy V says:

yes you're not getting distance but you're getting true spins, 7 iron was over 7000 rpms and the 3 iron was almost 4000 rpms I'll take those spins over distance any day

dan8tavi music says:

cn u gt rob potter to review these

stdavis22 says:

Rick should title all of his videos "hmm thats a bit left"

Sunny Soto says:

Okay we get it Rick, we know you like Michelle Keegan – curves but not too thick just a nice size 6.

Thomas B nielsen says:

ok so what rick is saying these are just as hard to hit as for instance titleist mb ? they look way more forgiving ,But tbh it doesn´t look like he is swinging the club as well as he can ! u a bit out of shape Rick ?

ocke94 says:

I would say they look classic, but with a bit of attitude. Me like

Padu Merloti says:

My 9yr old son is a youtuber (nicolascoolness) and he is completely stoked that I met you and that you hit on the GCQuad, which has been my live for the past 3 years. Nice to have met you at the show!

Ben Clabaugh says:

sounds like you fatted the first and last 7 iron. I know the first one was. high toe and it sounded awful. otherwise solid review.

Ian Lockley says:

Loving your reviews, Rick. Out of interest, will you doing a "Most disappointing" series soon?

Ian Armitage says:

Rick, your comments on these expose you as a little bit clueless. The best Mizunos of the 80's and 90's were square shaped.. (tp9 etc.). The styling is opinion and better players will like them. They don't need a 'rounded' edge. The fact you can't hit them probably drives the negativity.

Sharon wooster says:

Look great but you can't hit them

TXchadTX says:

move in the right direction for TM. their irons have been lacking for a while

Chris Hodgson says:

Funny how Rick can judge 33 degrees by eye, but says the blade length is 750mm which is 2 and a half feet. Lol

john uren says:

So the emperors new clothes (face slot technology ) has gone !! It must work anymore ??

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