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Robert G. says:

Well speed foam is actually just Jason Day's jizz

Swamp Life says:

You kinda talk the P770's down, but when you reviewed them you loved them. I have the P770's and I personally think they are "the" club TM released this year….

Ron Smith says:

30.5 degree 7i? I call that a slightly weak 6i…and that 4i is really a 3i.

Phil McIver says:

In 2012 Rocketbladz tour irons were RRP £699
In 2015 the PSI irons RRP were £799
In 2017 the P790 are now RRP £1049

That is a price increase of 50% in 5 years that is way above the rate of inflation. It's not just Taylor made it is all the manufacturers.

All this and there is very very little performance gain.

So much for trying to grow the game.

Tony DiCicco says:

what shaft and flex were these sampled with?

ghaith alramahi says:

Do a studio tour! Like if you agree

Nate Ross says:

Any new lines offering a 1 iron??? Please help.

charles rogers says:

his reviews possibly worst along with crossfield. do iron reviews on turf to see how sole reacts. shape shots and so on. plus whats point in brands sending you clubs they all do and you say all are good. takes merit away.

Adam Flynn says:

A new category 4 this iron?
Jesus that means TM will knock another 5 sets out for this new category they have invented…they have made shite feeling clubs since day 1….now they have made a forged hollow foam filled tungsten weighted iron that feels great.
Who would have thunk it ?

rmyukon says:

I'm sure Rick gets asked this a lot, but i've looked around and cannot find the answer. Maybe he, or someone here, can help me find the answer.
What software/hardware is Rick using to simulate the ball flight and calculate the club head speed, ball speed, lie angle, spin rate, etc….????

simon wilkinson says:

you said hollow and filled foam , they copying PXG ???

Richard Graham says:

Mizuno new range please test

kenneth tarrant says:

I'm curious to see how the foam reacts in the elements. Cold vs hot weather.

Justin Thompson says:

nothing to do with this video, but I just had a quick question. If you were a 13- 18 handicap and had to choose from callaway x2 hot, or nike vapor fly which set of irons would you say is better. Thanks!

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