NEW Taylormade P•7MB BLADES Review

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Scott Dreyfus says:

Just ordered these 6 thru. With p770 4 and 5 and p790 2 and 3.

Nicholas Kowalczyk says:

I still play my 3-PW TP MB Smokes from time to time. absolutely love them and wish I had they money for another exceptional set to replace them for tournament legalities, of course. love the content guys, keep it up!

Peter Lougheed says:

Booked an iron fitting with Ian for October – never been so excited haha

Robert Divinec says:

P7MB no left-hand option is available …. 🙁

okolekahuna says:

Man, I wish I was good enough to play blades, because those P-7MBs looks friggin' awesome!

Elq says:

Is it weird that i subbed and put notifications on but every video i skip the talking and fast forward to every shot hit? 😀

J. 4NASH says:

honestly I think the P730 are better… they said it's the same blade length…. they said its post to be very buttery when the 730 were very soft where sometimes you dont even feel the impact

Ramsay B says:

Look fantastic but familiar ???
Awe yeah Srixon z965s. ??‍♂️

Brad O says:

“Why play a blade 3 iron”

Looks at my blade 2 iron ?

ALEXtheGREAT says:

You'd have to think having Tiger on their team helps immensely when it comes to designing a true bladed iron for the mass market.

IntoTheFray says:

As much as I would like to drop $1500-2000 on a new set, I need to drop that on lessons

duke says:

Beautiful clubs more beautiful results. I've played blades since the 1980s Wilson Staff to MP14, MP33 to Titliest 690mb to 710mb to 714mbs. Those are some of the most beautiful irons I've ever seen.

Cody Lang says:

A friend just got some sub 70 they feel great you guys should give them a rip

nv00021 says:

I will be the one to say it…. Titleist and Miura make a better blade. The 620’s and the 501’s are King of the Hill.

chynz330 says:

They stole that trapezoid shape from Honma it seems. I don’t remember which model..

Noah Zahrn says:

Witnessed the channel ticking over 100000 in this video!

Bret Bohlman says:

Why don't you ever try to flight these clubs in both directions so you can compare how much different irons are workable?

Graham Welsh says:

Did they mention what shaft Ian was using when hitting?

allo cromeau says:

I want a combo
7-pw Mb
6-4 Mc

ad mobile4 says:

People amuse me by pretending "blades" (actually muscle backs) are difficult to hit.

TW 11 says:

Lovely looking, very similar To the srixon z965 blades.. still nothing beats the mizuno mp5 for looks ?

Andrew Laver says:

Its more like 2 million lb press. 2000lb wouldn't do anything to steel great reviews guys

Bandit Baker says:

Have a set of those Blades in your Bag is like going to the Supermarket in an Aston Martin

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