NEW Taylormade P7•MC Irons Review

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Shawn Smith says:

I have callaway apex mbs which I love but really wanting some nice forged forgiving clubs with little offset any recommendations?

Wes Boothe says:

Ian/Matt, do you know if Taylormade offer the DG Tour Issue X100 in 120 gram shaft weight option for the P7MC’s and the P770’s?

S L says:

These are beautiful irons.

Travis says:

Surprised you didn't talk more about the spin… 5500rpm or less is really, really low for a 34* 7-iron….

Derek Whyle says:

Reminiscent of the old TP iron to me. It’s a pity the” 200 pound press “ is not in the US – and I say that as a Brit in England

Alvin Hayes says:

How many would swing weight change on these at plus 1.75 inch and oversize CP2 golfpride 6 extra wraps

Labi says:

matt fck it and bomb a 770 400 yards

Michael Lamont says:

Hey – I’ve tested both the mc and the mb and fancying a combo set .
3,4,5 ,6 mc 7,8,9,p mb but unsure if I should weaken the mc or strengthen the mb to make the lofts blend .
What is the best option ?

Joe Bouscaren says:

2,000 ton press! Not "200 pound press" for P7MC

Chris Squire says:

Managed to get an off the shelf set of P7MC's yesterday while I wait (a long time) for my custom fit order to come in. They're just class! TM Performance Lab at Wentworth very kindly fitted me…. 6-PW in MC and 4 & 5 in 770 just to offer some help with ball speed on off centre strikes with the longer bats. Probably the best irons I've ever hit. Look forward to seeing you guys with a full set!

Steve Miller says:

Could you try the recoil shafts in a few of your custom clubs. I have them in my 2017 p790s and love the butter on butter feel they add but would be interested in you opinion. Am going to get custom fitted for a combo set of the new P series next week. Can’t wait!

Paul Gray says:

Tried the P7MC and found them really nice to hit, felt softer than any other Taylormade I have hit before and good consistent shot shape. Also tried the P770 but felt with that club that they were even easier to hit but felt that you would get less control/consistency on distance as they sometimes would get a real flyer and go that bit further.

Matthew Rigby says:

I've ordered 5-7 in the p770 and 8- P in the MC . After watching this im second guessing my choice . Do you think it will combo if I bend 8-p??

Paul Gray says:

What spin should someone expect normally with a 7 iron, have been told 7000 but a lot of the reviews of these irons spin is a lot lower than that?

andy wallace says:

Getting fit on Wednesday by LUke Searle (ex TM fitting man, did you know him?)

Thomas Hansson says:

What category of players do you think will make these clubs most justice? Im on hcp 17 going looking for 15 this year. I think they look tremendsly nice. Do you think i could gain something on switching my T200 for these gems ?
Cheers from Sweden boys!

pc21298 says:

how do these play vs the t100?

Patrick Schenner says:

hey guys, love your channel, quick Q since I am in the market for irons: it would be great if one of you could hit 770 and p7mc to see the difference in data. a little unfortunate that you split the combo-set up between the two of you 😉 thanks.

Chaz Mac says:

Similar look to the Cobra King Forged MB. How different do you think they are?

Rick Risatti says:

How do these compare with Srixon 7785?.. Easier to hit..harder to hit?.

Rick Risatti says:

I decided to jump in the pool..ordered 4,5,6, 770s and 8,9,pw MCs…replacing my Srixon 565s and 765s..which I like but needed different shafts..with my military discount and trade in I got these for 200 bucks more than reshafting the Srixons..niw we wait

Tom Duckworth says:

This is one of my favorite designs for a cavity back iron. I am sure you guys both thought these looked very similar to Srixon Z745 irons as well as some Mizuno irons over the years MP-64s come to mind. I am curious how these would compare. Do irons that look the same on the surface play the same or do small differences ad up to a completely different performance?

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