New Titleist 620 MB/CB Irons | Interview at Titleist National Fitting Centre

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TellTheDriver says:

Hi! Love the channel!

I'm wondering which one of the Titleist 620cb or T100 is more similar to Mizuno mp63?

terrace abbott unrau says:

I want the 620 cb

Paul_ HD1 says:

Over hyped.. If you've been gaming Titleist irons for the last 7 years like me… you'll find the new offerings are nothing special… certainly classic/reliable Titleist, but nothing worth holding the phones over. New badging and a new name, that don't necessarily warrant the steep price tag. Some 718AP irons can be had at a great price now however… and are probably a more intelligent purchase.

Ben D'Giacoma says:

What sort of golf shoes are you wearing? Great vid btw

Austin Lauer says:

Taking a break to watch this! Great guys!

Rayquaza says:

Mizuno mp20 or Titleist 620 mb?

e99783 says:

Please hit both the Taylormade p730 and titleist 620 mb, head to head comparison

Drake Squarebriggs says:

Excited to test the products. I liked this format for a little change BUT I definitely like you and Matt doing your thing at home base much better.

Sven Hallauer says:

Slightly off-topic question, what's the expected carry distance based on ball speed? Meaning if my 6-iron generates 140 MpH ball speed or my driver generates 165 MpH ball speed what's the expected carry at sea level with no wind and 86 Fahrenheit (30 Celsius)?

PINGFan says:

I love the look of the 620 CB. So they have a sole similar to what Srixon has now? I do really like the v-sole on my Z785's.

WhiskerRub says:

TXG on the road, outside even, I’ve come to expect sunburn. Thanks TXG and Titleist looking forward to the upcoming videos. Gotta love the hardworking TXG crew. ?

Michel Paquette says:

Great looking clubs

El Matador says:

Seriously lovely

Jeremy Stafford says:

Another beautiful product from titleist. Again can't wait for the review, once again thanks for your efforts.

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