New Titleist AP1 714 Golf Iron Review

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New Titleist AP1 714 Golf Iron Review
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach testing the New Titleist AP1 Golf irons using state of the art Flightscope technology. The New Titleist AP1 Irons are aimed at the High to mid handicapper who wants a penty of forgiveness. The Titleist AP1 irons are perfect for this as they offer a huge sweetspot and massive amounts of head size.

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sharkhark says:

Great review as always. Only one caveat.
Since these are aimed at the higher hdcp golfer attempting to make
comparisons worth other titleist by using the same shaft is I think a
Because the lower weighted shaft typically stock on this iron will produce
higher launch & swing speed giving average golfer the distance help they
Yes it proves that with same shaft most irons are similar.
But it makes it look like a golfer could get similar distance or even more
from ap2 whereas should avg hdcp hit stock ap1 & ap2 they likely would get
greatly increased distance. Sure, more from shaft than iron but that’s the
total pkg design. 

n g says:

Rubbish review! These are designed as fairly entry level game improvement
irons, while still being more responsive than some of the other bulbous GI
irons. You didn’t judge them on their merits or for the audience intended,
just based on your own professional demands. Not very useful for someone
looking for $800 clubs mate.

foredogg says:

Rick just saw your Nike Covert 2.0 iron review. How do those compare to
the AP1’s in terms of forgiveness and feel? In the Nike review you hit a 7
iron an average of 170, are the AP1’s that much shorter?

mark stanford says:

great video mate, spoken in plain old english keep the vids coming when i
look at a blade behind a ball i do think what the hell is that about that
is 100% true

Daniel Sutter says:

Love your videos and the numbers. I like the camera angles and the attempt
to liven up the videos, but some of the special effects are distracting
such as the inverse video or blur effects. The numbers are great,
especially the ball flight videos. Thanks for all your efforts!

TartanArmyBoy says:

How do they compare to AP1 712’s?

JoshWDM says:

Dont forget the ap1 are made for the mid to high handicapers The More mid
to high handicapers will gain more distance then the pros

golfninja says:

Yes, I realised the market they are aimed at and no doubt they will help
the higher handicap players but what did surprise me was even with the
‘hotter’ face and slightly stronger lofts of the AP1 with the pretty good
consistent contact Rick can put on, the AP1’s didn’t go as far as the
slightly weaker lofted AP2’s. Not the same as say the hot face Miz’s like
the JPX when hit by a pro, good low amateur they do fly out there a good 5
to 10 yards further than the MP range speaking from experience.

golfninja says:

Interesting outcome it seems if you compare your numbers AP2 to AP1.
Although you said AP1 was all about distance and forgiveness, the distance
from it from similar club speeds to the AP2, in fact the AP2 went
consistently a tiny bit further so the supposed distance from ‘hotter
bigger head’ wasn’t actually there. Seemed to me the AP1 lost distance
because it gave a higher flight? Not for me the AP1’s too big. too chunky
even the top line of the AP2’s looks a bit fat compared to my old MP33’s.

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