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KJ J says:

design is following taylormade irons
people really like that mb/cb look

chad z says:

I play the 718 CB. Was kind of disappointed to see the 620s lose the tungsten in the 567 and go to the matte finish, so I actually bought a second set of the 718s to save for future use. but I guess that’s what the t100 was supposed to do.. combine the 718 cb and the ap2… As for the new irons, I like the look of them, but not a fan of the u505 series though. The 718 TMB was the best looking iron titleist has ever made in that category imo. Was also surprised to see Titleist getting rid of the max impact and go back to the hollow head design.

David Golf says:

Mike I play the T100 irons now and would like to know, what exactly is difference between my current irons and the 2021 T100 irons? Other than marketing, unless I am missing something, basically the same iron with just a cleaner look. Thoughts? Anyone please feel free to reply. Love my current irons and don't know why I would switch.

Ryan Walker says:

Beautiful clubs. I love my Titleist TS irons

Tim Richards says:

They aren’t going to make the T200’s loft weaker than last years. Going hollow usually means they want those things to go as far as humanly possible.. unless they make a I-500 clone . I have last years 100S but coming off a hub replacement in my 30’s I wish I would have gone with the 2’s . If the head is the same size I’m going that direction for sure. Aesthetically I don’t think these are anything to write home about but we will see. Looking forward to hitting them soon.

Ted Terrific says:

I love the look of both the T100 and the T200. I'm looking to replace my 718 CB irons next spring. All of the people I play have stated using the Mizuno MP-20 but they are much stronger lofts. I've always played Titleist however.

ContrOVer CC says:

Been looking into getting a new set. I currently play some old ap2 710s. Aren't the most forgiving but I've grown into them… need a new set of titleist. Might give the t100 a go.

Thamac15 says:

I use the 716 MB 3-PW. I switched from the 695 CB. I’ve shot my first under par round with these blades in 2016 and have continued to shoot under par a few more times. Proper fitting is key!

bruce kristich says:

*they are really, really nice*. ah, such a great and insightful review.

Paul McGee says:

At last they get the looks right

warren clark says:

I bet it be something like the u510 like in the 1 iron and the new t100 for me best looking iron

Bobby Gomez says:

Curious about the lofts, specifically the t200 series. Last years model were quite strong, hoping it’s toned down a bit this go around.

SteelTiiTan says:

Personally like the Srixon "Z" line better than most of the lines out from a lot of brands. Have the Callaway Apex Pro 19s in the bag right now and no complaints with that range as well. One side note i like from these pictures, if you were to blend the t100 with t200 long irons the new designs look they would more easily combo from an aesthetic view (will have to wait and see the updated blade lengths and profiles).

gregory walker says:

well, this is probably why i can't get (so far) my custom (1st gen) t100 three iron. they probably don't make this head anymore. thanks, subscribed!

ShutterBug Infinity says:

These look great thanks for showing us

chris says:

tried all the Titleist irons. T100, T200, T300 and T400. Don't like them. Waiting for the Ping i59

Mike Williams says:

So shiny – I would try em all. Big fan of cavity backs i would probably the T100. I would try the T100s but I will never play em! The U series…. em.. no.

Paul Moore says:

I currently play P790's … if I was to try any it would probably be the T200 or maybe the T100S

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