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NEW TITLEIST IRONS – 620 MB – T100 – T200 – T300 FULL COMPARISON! are well known for producing fantastic irons… and its now that time that we see their offering of new irons for 2019 and 2020… in this video I compare the brand new titleist 620 CB IRONS, TITLEIST T100 IRONS, TITLEIST T200 IRONS, TITLEIST T300 IRONS and see just which set of brand new titleist irons would suit my game but also suit your game? what’s happened to the AP1, AP2 and AP3 IRONS? which irons should you buy in 2019? which titleist irons suit your game? in this video, I answer all… lets do it… and lets do it now!


Matthew Brown says:

That was a great review

Phillip Sanders says:

Love your videos, especially with Mark! I'd like to see Mark do a comparison between the Apex Forged and the T200 if possible.

Tuben says:

Weird that the cbs are spinning low, saw a video of mark crossfield reviewing those and his 6 iron spun at 6500.???;)

BeachBow says:

Still not better than my P790s. At least not so I'd spend the $$$ for new clubs. JM2C

Steve Jenkins says:

Great vid 👍

Chris O'Brien says:

Mizuno MP certainly look better , also they are quite a bit less costly as Mizuno doesn’t up-charge for Grips-and Shaft . Nice review. Thank you James

SoCal Golf says:

you need 10 wedges lol

Sean MacMillan says:

What are the stock lofts on these irons. AP3 was a strong loft. I’d assume the lofts aren’t the same in these sets. Retro/Standard/Power loft is the usual options.

Unicorn playsroblox says:

Pls compare head to head the t100 vs apex pro : ) thank you.

D Du Plessis says:

I got fitted a month ago for the Ap2 are you telling me that one of these could of been better for me

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