New Titleist T-Series Irons | Interview at Titleist National Fitting Centre

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Join our community on Patreon! – Special thanks to Titleist Canada for hosting us at their National Fitting Centre. In this video we go through the new T-Series for 2019 including the T100, T200 and T300 irons!

Filmed at: Eagles Nest Golf Club, Vaughan, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Ryan Andrews


Parnop Siripornpak says:

T100 looks great but can't really find any reason to change mine from 716 AP2 just yet.

O. G. says:

Hydropearl Ping vs Rusty TM NEXT!

Johan Klarin says:

I'm a big Titleist fan but this "enhanced sole" marketing bullsh*t they trot out with every single new model just distracts from what is no doubt an excellent product.

Alberto Fernandez-Sanguino says:

100% Infomercial

ponce1521 says:

Can we get a Taylormade mg2 wedge Spray water test to see if the raw face works like the ping maybe?

melvin sacromentoe says:

Ian looks like an absolute UNIT out there

Timothy Daniels says:

As a consumer I appreciate the way Ian is able to translate the marketing jargon into performance attributes that you can understand and apply to your own game. I think this channel strikes a nice balance between testing/ evaluating and seeing gear that gets your wallet twitching in your back pocket.
A question….is Matt resting?

Andi Howland says:

It's good to have a bit of diversity in the content guys but in honesty, having a marketing guy blab on about new product lines is fairly dull viewing. Not meant in an offensive way though ?

FPC says:

Hit the T200. It looks fantastic at address, and really is a beautiful iron, but the feel wasn't there. Performance was fine. Got better numbers from jpx 919 forged (much bigger iron) and the feel on the 919 was so much better.

William Held says:

This polymer insert reminds me of what ping does to help with sound and feel. I think the AP range in general where winners. I am glad they didn’t totally reinvent it. They made changes but the original AP DNA is still there. Good job Titleist.

Brandon Mathis says:

Where’s Matty at??? Need him dropping bombs with the t300’s

Bandit Baker says:

Titleist are so generous, giving us great Irons and in the case of the T300 an On/Off Switch as well! What's not to Love!!!
Quick Whisker whilst they are out you nab Matts secret stash of MacBurgers and I'll grab Larry's hair Gel!!!

john sneade says:

Hit the 200 last week….hated it

Jeremy Stafford says:

Golfers should watch these video's when moaning about the cost of equipment, and realise the cost of technology and how much technology is required at the very top end of this sport. A really great insight into the new range, can't wait to see how they stack up against other top manufacturers. Thanks for your efforts.

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