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PGA GOLF COACH Rick Shiels tests and reviews the latest NEW VERTICAL GROOVE GOLF DRIVER that has just hit the market! Rick uses ProV1's and tests using GC2 and HMT launch monitor technology.
On the website it claims to help you hit the ball 40% straighter. Rick tests it to find out how true that statement actually is.

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey everyone. Hope you enjoyed the review of the Vertical Groove Driver!
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Josh Daly says:

The guy who came up with this was baked

golf nutter says:

it looks like a sideways m2 driver??

Dtyler171 says:

Theoretically the vertical grooves vs horizontal could actually decrease backspin numbers… but grooves don't do a whole lot on drivers (as you said).

I agree with the other comments, though, you could have used a higher loft with this club. Your spin was good but your launch was low

Also…43 yards is a big hook for you? Didn't you used to play something like that as your stock shot? lol

Etienne van Bosch says:

you talk way too much! just hit more and talk less. we can all google stats of clubs… just a suggestion

Bill Malec says:

most drivers have no grooves in the center of the club face. the only thing those vertical ones would do is increase side spin if you don't hit perfectly square.

Craig Jones says:

Haha, I've never heard it phrased like that, Archer not the Arrow I've heard before.

backflipjeff11 says:

You should do a head to head with this and the new grenade 2 driver!!!!!

Nicholas Cabrera says:

40% straighter? I bet I can overcome that with my mighty slice.

Thomas Kayner says:

this vs the grenade

Ben Pegram says:

I hit and had misses both left and right, more right in fact (lefty). I very rarely hit draws with my Big Bertha 815, but hit 4 out of 10 draws. 4 fades and 2 straight. Granted, I'm the one swinging the club so I'm going to override any vertical grooves, but felt it had a tendency to draw. Not impressed initially.

John Cameron says:

Hit the fucking ball while we are young.

schwarg says:

Good numbers aside, it's one ugly ass driver. And I'd feel like a tool on the course saying: "Hey guys, check out my vertical Grooove driver!"

Jonathon Owens says:

To me it makes no sense to have vertical grooves… for most amateur golfers I think more backspin mitigates the sidespin, and vertical grooves would increase sidespin… weird. Don't get me wrong a lot of backspin kills distance, but if you're actually trying to play better golf being straighter is much more important than distance

Saul Carrera says:

hey rick did u ever do a review on the Mizuno t7 wedges

John Hofmann says:

The arrow pointing to the vertical grooves definitely helped me understand what vertical means. So, what's changed really in this driver? Did the USGA .830 COR limit change? To everyone listening, ALL DRIVERS ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. This is a scientific fact. Don't waste your money on a new driver. Fix your swing.

Hunter Rachunek says:

If you ever need to get a driver off your hands I'd be more then welcomed to take one

GahDub says:

So….you're saying it's worth the 400 bucks…yeah?

Daymon Johnson says:

Rick, you hit a draw probably 96% of the time. Your ball flight with this was almost dead straight. It's crazy to see you hit the ball dead straight, that's not what you're path does to a golf ball…..

anasurimbor01 says:

Any company that would pay Daly to use their product must be desperate.

Doug Luettke says:

not sure if it will make you hit it straighter.

muhsin anas says:

why the beard.

Mike Rohr says:

literally the first time you havent hit every ball left of the target line on any review and you aren't happy?

Solesneak says:

Stop talking hit the ball

Happy Duffer says:

Vertical grooves are not really new but are somewhat unique… the Killer Bee B Sting designed by Tony Antonious had vertical grooves back in 2006.

Jacob Streiff says:

The "G" is for Gimmick

Kevin mc donnell says:

rick, when that software shows "club face open" etc, is that open to your path, or open to target line??

Joe525 says:

but compared to alot of other drivers you test you were hitting strait like every time.. it must be extremely forgiving.. I've seen you struggle to hit straight with other drivers

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