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Gaz Block says:

I've been using these balls for the past 6 months, I have no other golf ball in my bag, they are the best ball I've ever played with. I use the orange ones. I play off 9. I'm going to try the new ones out call LONG LONG…love your videos Rick, keep up the good work mate.

60DegreeLobWedge says:

Bright colored balls are great for twilight rounds

walter robinson says:

i play with the orange vivid and i really like the way they fly

BJ Hall says:

I will like the green and yellow ones easy to see

Joe Dubiel says:

I am with you on this one RIck. I do not like golf balls that don't have a good feel to them. If I had to choose one of the Volviks I would go for the orangish one. Give me a Chrome soft any day period. People find out when it comes to green control and the putting its hard to beat a Chrome soft. Spider Dubiel

Mathew Winstanley says:

Would love the orange

Moon Choi says:

Thanks Rick, I was waiting for a good Volvik Vivid review. It would be fantastic if you could do a under $30 balls review.

Barry Kotze says:

I love the red it's my fav I play with them on the course all the time

john mitchell says:

I have played with the red, me and my 3 players lost sight of the ball when landing, consequently I lost one of the balls because you do not know where it has landed, you can buy 3 balls which I did to try out don't think I would buy any more.

Dylan Patel says:

These balls may seem strange but they changed my game. I got more spin around greens and longer and more accurate drives

doug holtz says:

I've got a few of these balls. I've gravitated to the red ball, as I can see this better upon striking it with the driver. My white balls (Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made) all disappear in the sky when I drive. Finding the red ball in the fairway is also easier for me. I'd like to try the orange balls soon.

Jason Moehl says:

I have used the pink and red and enjoy both balls. They do have their limits but it’s a fun ball and works well for me.

TherymasterWidnes says:

Orange all day mate…..the way I play Rick it looks like I've been Tango'd!!

gary wu says:

you seems to gain some weight ?
still like your clips.

Ben Bir says:

Rickie Fowler is my guy, the orange ball is a must!

Dakota Dailey says:

Definitely green

troy bates says:

Hi Rick. I was wondering if your doing any reviews on crazy golf balls. If you could do a review of chromax balls please

Shawn Powers says:

I like the dark red orange color volvik

Scott Rector says:

Definitely the Blue Ones!!!  That's how I feel when I leave the Course!!  lol!!

BuRnTmAsH says:

They look like ping pong balls.

Keegan P says:

Watched you for awhile now as I have progressed with my golf. Great Videos where you are able to relate to both experienced and inexperienced. Dropped 20 shots since watching haha

Brad Maxwell says:

I would hit the green golf balls, simply because green is my favorite color. I liked that you hit them further and would love to try them myself. Thank you for the video Rick.

Young Luck says:

I would use pink because I have the pink ball

Brad Martin says:

I love the vivid red. I found one in the rough and played with it for two rounds before I lost it over a house. I don't care about spin, I need to find my ball when its in the rough to save me shots.

Talking Rubbish says:

I would use red, to match the anger i normally feel when i scuff my driver 50 yards along the ground from the tee

Louis Christopher says:

Orange. I found one of these and played a few holes with it on a course that has soft, spongy greens. It's really long off the tee and it performed surprisingly when I chipped it. I wouldn't trust it on any putting surface that runs above a 7 though. Fun fact: at the PGA Tour Superstore, individual Volvik Vivids and ProV1 logo overruns are the same price ($2.99 per ball).

Tim Garratt says:

Just played three rounds with the same bright green variety! Expensive, no because three rounds one ball… so far! I like that you think young golfers will be the audience, I was forty years ago!

luca francis says:

orange becuase why not

Ture Nyman says:

Pink all day

David Carey says:

Hi Rick
I've been playing with a fade for 20 years, 14 handicap. I brought a dozen yellow vivid balls and they have taken the fade out of my game. Straighter and longer off the tee. 12 over yesterday at Burford oxfordshire. Although it does feel strange aiming straight down the middle after years of aiming left to fade it in.

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