'New Zealand will love being called the underdogs!' | Nasser Hussain on the T20 World Cup semi-final

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Nasser Hussain provides analysis of the England squad ahead of the T20 World Cup semi-final, as well as prediction on the outcome of the game and the squad's preparations ahead of playing New Zealand in Abu Dhabi.

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Abdullah Amir says:

Eng deserved to be in the finals

Murali Krishnan Elangovan says:

All said and done, can’t overlook the role of the toss. This could very well be a Eng vs Pak finals if toss went the other way

mohamed raashid says:

New Zeland want like to be called underdogs but favourites thrash the aussie in the finals they should be kept in there place.


Rajitha Munugoda says:

England need to understand that keeping an incompetent leader on the team will push the whole team step back.

Pxrspective says:

Moeen and Malan played too slow in the middle, that cost them the match

Hard Rock says:

I like her ….ACCENT

strawhat says:

England didn't play like England (aggressive batting) and batting first cost. Roy… Buttler and Livingstone are power hitter…. Bairstow is out of form.

vg now says:

England lost 2 tosses and lost both matches. Thats how important winning toss has been this tournament

Dhaanush L says:

New Zealand got their revenge by winning Fair and Square not by winning because of Stupid Umpiring

Vix Ano says:

Maybe, ahem, move on.

Vix Ano says:

Call us the underdogs…go on…do it… see what happens!

Maria J Francis says:

Good job. England will be crying.

themanmana says:

Morgan was poor today. Shudve bowled moeen his 4 too. Rash and Jordan was poor

Jehan Ariyaratnam says:

This aged well

Grant Low says:

We did win ye ha

saurav kumar Dubey says:

Time for you guys to move on … NZ have outplayed England 🤩

Rajesh Ashwatthama says:

Jordan should've bowled over the wicket n targetted the wide yorker length on off, with around the wicket n targetting Neeshams leg, he provided balls in the arc of Neeshams swing.

Rajesh Ashwatthama says:

Why did Jordan panic so much ? There was no need , England were on Top with 57 needed of 4 , he just had to just bowl wide Yorkers , which he is known for , just Awful bowling by Jordan.

Keats Corner With Asim Asif says:

Always a special pleasure to listen to this great cricket 🏏 commentator
To me he is a poetic commentator from English soil

deathfromabove77 says:

😂..Nas saying NZ might be one power hitter short…tell that to Mitchell and Neesham

fry liver says:

who's the woman?

Siddharth Singh says:

Kiwi for the win

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