Newest Cavalier Jamario Moon Press Conference

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Gil Baw says:

his also look a like with pip.

DuallyDanny says:

i dont understand why hes getting traded so much hes such a great player

Heck Dynamite says:

love jamario,cavs are gonna do damage i hope the king finally gets his ring and crown

DaLiLFlipJr says:

Good luck Jamario

Main Bracey says:

they should start moon instead of varajeo sometimes too

Alberto Z says:

ex Fuerza Regia de Monterrey

Mackadoeshez says:

Pippen never played in Seattle he was drafted by the Sonics and traded immediatley for Olden Polynice- I grew up in Seattle, truss.

@ TriniNicholas

JMoon doesn't have on a suit because he just took his physical- listen to the interview.

JMoon(& AParker) will be a solid role player who can hit the 3, hustle and D up for the Cav's. He will be a fan favorite in Cleveland in no time.

hmmmmmokay says:

what, hes like 30. He is No pippen, he was barely a nba player a year ago

pablo sandoval says:

33 is taken (shaq) and so is 8 (tarence kinsey)

pablo sandoval says:

how much did he sign for?

IamHaddy says:

i think hes like 6'7 6'8. but he defends carmelo prety well though if i remember correctly. hell get destroyed against pf cuz hes way too skinny

Vince says:

why is moon always changing his number? lol

33 in raptors
8 in miami
and now 15 in cleveland

Ernest Rillman says:

i can't wait for the 09-10 season for the cavs

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