Nigel Farage Swings for Europe this Ryder Cup

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Candide V says:

Fair enough. You are an idiot with regards to Europe and politics in
general, but this was actually quite good.

You should follow the path of Boris – don’t have any real political power,
just be a talking head and a guest on Have I Got News For You. 

Dizzo says:

What a lad.

djpiccalo100 says:

If some lefty idiot says UKIP are racist because they want border control
to you, throw this bit of logic back in their face.

Every country on the planet outside the EU has border control. Are you
saying that all those countries are racist as well?
No? I thought not. Now go sit down and think about how Labour spent 13
years brainwashing you.

FightFairLoseEasy says:

What makes me vomit is that the people on here that attack and insult
Farage always fail to back up that attack with anything to support them.
Farage is the only man in politics that actually go on question time & give
yes/no answers all night because he is a conviction politician and NOT a
front for a part ideology and its hidden agenda

Hubbledecker says:

The EU is not Europe. Europe has been hijacked by these clowns and
narcissists who want to build a superstate without the people’s say so. I’m
with Nigel … Love Europe, hate the EU, their silly flag and the arrogance
of their anthem. When Britain leaves the EU – British golfers will still be
in the Ryder cup. Hooray!

Frederik Sørensen says:

I can’t stand UKIP and this pretentious twat. 

David Thompson says:

The anti UKIP are making comments, maybe that’s due to them not handling
the amount of exposure Nigel and UKIP is getting 

Will Rockett says:

Cue BBC claims that Farage is racist against Americans…

ネオジオ says:

Great Vid. Have to laugh at all the morons cursing Farage and UKIP in the
comments screaming waaayyycist, bigot etc. Think they need to look in the
mirror if they get a chance. Vote UKIP, get out of the “EU” and bring back
some sense, democracy and control to this country. There is no democracy
in the EU.

Candide V says:

People who vote UKIP are just those who are not educated enough to grasp
the true implications (economically and politically) of leaving the EU and
who ignore other UKIP policies which are plainly idiotic and who ignore the
number of racist and, simply, mental UKIP members

Worst of all, the average UKIP voter is an uncritical sheep who votes due
to being manipulated by meaningless rhetoric such as “ALL WE WANT IS OUR

If you understood a tiny amount about the implications of leaving the EU,
there is no way you would vote UKIP. If you want to make a protest vote –
vote Green. It would be better not to vote at all than to vote UKIP. 

telsah1 says:

Nigel Farage for Prime Minister. May 2015. 

AdmiralBlake says:

he’ll do anything for money or publicity.

nweston99 says:

You do realise he took this gig to make himself look normal and dupe you
into not thinking he’s a Nazi?

Bluemax1945 says:

Red trousers ? Golf, the only time when whites can dress like like black

BoboDoboRobo says:

This is bloody hilarious.

Nigel Farage is a fucking lad.

roflcopter2006 says:

Can’t barrage the Farage!

Richard Mountfort says:

I know how I feel he is sticking two fingers up to the hardworking people
of the UK , he is taking the wage for being an MEP yet refused to take part
. He is Mugging you all off while he plays golf while the rest of us are
worring if we can afford to live in the UK ! 

mirorbalmacfisto says:


U5K0 says:

Still hate him, but slightly less now.

Jan Oostdam says:

to all the UKIP haters: do you guys realize that the UKIPsupporters know
your argument VERY WELL since its on the BBC whenever something political
pops up but that you never truely looked into the other side of the
argument? Go look the debate with Clegg where Clegg simply got owned on
rational arguments. UK has been the first democratic country in the world,
a true soevereign awesome nation! Now you are in an expansionist Europe led
by non-democratic idiots. I love the UK and i hope the UK under Nigels
leadership will be able to lead the way once again in history. Oh btw: im
not your typical racist Brit or nazi or whatever, in fact im not even
Brittish nor do I live there. GO UK you can do it. :-)

Leigh Eastham says:

Gotta love Nigel!

tdrules says:

“now watch this drive” nice Bush reference

(you’re still a cunt though Nige, never forget)

JRB1882 says:

I dont know how to feel about this..

So Simple says:

Nigel farage is an actual golfer. I think people don’t realise this 

James Tucker says:

I also disagree with Nigels views on immigration, I think immigration is a
benefit to this country and to its economy. I suspect Nigel may secretly
think something like that as well, as he does point out he wants more
immigration from the commonwealth, but if he did, I wish he’d come out and
say it. However calling him a “nazi” or a “racist” is basically slander,
and just voids your argument.

DFandV says:

”I am for Europe” well that’s new from his mouth.

John Riches says:

Only our Nigel could get this right…

Well done that man!

Lex Parsimoniae says:

I’m officially blind now.

TopCatsBack says:

Cheers !

emma lawlor says:

I wanna vote. But. I dont no who to vote for. Normally its labour. But the
tories can Fuk off are ukip any good

Alex France says:

I don’t think Cameron could have pulled this advert off quite as well. Love
all the stuff Paddy Power do online, they have got a great media team.

Fionn Devaney says:

Have replies to other comments on this extensively, but just to sum up:

We need to unite the right wing in this country by bringing conservatives
(with a small ‘c’) from across the parties under the Conservative Party. We
needed a fresh, moderate face such as Cameron’s to win an election after 13
years of New Labour hypnotism, but now we should return to the grassroots.
People at the front of UKIP and currently at the back of Cameron’s
Conservative Party want exactly the same thing. We need to all stand
side-by-side, forming a political force that would rival Thatcher’s
administration in 1980s Conservative Britain, and fend off the threat from
Miliband’s Labour.

Vic Vega says:

It is make or break for this country now. Either this man gets elected in
to power and gets our freedom back, or we continue allowing the Labour
lovers, the likes of whom many have commented in this video with their
snarling and bigoted comments (yes, bigotry works both ways, Guardian
readers), continue to bleed our country dry of all freedom and democracy.
Love freedom? Love sovereignty? Love common sense? VOTE UKIP.

Ali Hussain says:

Nigel Farage is the best man for the job. British Politics has been
overcome with the malaise of homogeneity, underpinned by the shaft grasping
establishment’s subservience to Corporate interest, the only competition
between labour & the Tories is who will be the more generous Corporate
servant. You can’t split them on a single key issue. Farage is box office,
I like his stance on Europe, on immigration, and above all, I very much
like the fact that he understands the concept of the Self-Interest for his
own country. He’s not some a ditherer like’ve got my vote. 

Sam Pauli says:

Why are you propping us this wanker’s career?

Man of the people, he drinks pints like the rest of.. Blah blah blah, fuck

LokiV says:

Nice Bloke Nigel he really does put Britain first

2moonsMaster says:

Do you Guys ever wondered why RT promoted and promotes so much Farage?A
divided europe is an weak one,this farage is just a good manipulator that
studied the psychology and fears of the people and used them to get
votes,excesive patriotism since the begining of the ancient ages has bring
the world alot of pain and death,if we agree with farage then we agree with
islam extremists view,stop being hypocrite Farage.

Johnny Mains says:

Such a fucking prick

smokeybarr says:

“…or the Ouse” – lol

Mike Wilkinson says:

good on yu Nige!!!

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