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Night Golf Christmas Special Preview

Rick Shiels:

Me and My Golf:

Peter Finch

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superstar10155 says:

Who decides how many episodes are on which channel? This will be you’re 3rd
match against meandmygolf and same viewing format each match, 2 parts on 1
channel and only 1 part on the other? Just asking

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Why does Finch not get to host one? lol
you’re mugging him off!

danny worsdale golf says:

Love your videos rick but Pete deserves a part! The last 2 matches
meandmygolf have had 4 parts, you 2 and Pete none. I know you say to get
maximum publicity but Pete has a strong following and gets a lot of views
and likes on his channel considering the amount of subscribers he has in
comparison to you guys. Anyway, looking forward to the videos!! Not hating
just curious because seems a little one sided:) 

nazdak9 says:

Pete getting robbed unfortunately. He’s the one a good portion of users
will primarily tune in to see.

gordon o'riordan says:

Agree with the other comments, Pete should have had a chance to grow his
channel as well. Maybe put the last vlog or the second part of one on his
channel that way people have to subscribe. I just hope that The Christmas
Day special isn’t clashing with the queen’s speech

Rick Shiels PGA says:

with @MeMyGolf @PFGolfPro 

llew jones says:

Im just wondering why doesn’t Peter finch get to host a part on his channel

carlos antonio cabo gonzalez says:

Para todos mis amigos del golf., y…
¡Para los otros que no juegan todavía!

Anthony C says:

You guys have something special. Can’t wait to see the matches.

davemucky says:

Santa can keep his presents, can’t wait for this Christmas Day 

carlos antonio cabo gonzalez says:

Para todos mis amigos del golf., y…
¡Para los otros que no juegan todavía!

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