Nike Covert Driver Vs TaylorMade SLDR Driver

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Nike Covert Driver Vs TaylorMade SLDR Driver
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the Nike Covert Driver against the TaylorMade SLDR Driver to see which one is the longest and best! Which one out of the Nike covert and the TaylorMade SLDR will win the challenge and rein supreme.

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Rick Shiels PGA says:


Connor Faulds says:

interesting flight at 4:56


Just tried both of these at my local golf store.

Have to say the nike covert is the nicest driver I’ve ever used. I’ve
always sliced really hard

Covert with a stiff shaft, hitting fairway 4/5.

Only know about the club do to your channel.

Thanks Rick! 

elaine garst says:

how did your ball go side to side at 4. 56

elaine garst says:


MrBehrtube says:

Rick, would it be possible for you to test the SLDR against itself.
Apparently the reason the SLDR gains distance is it’s low spin, due low
forward CG. To make up for the low spin you need a higher loft to get the
right launch. Could you for interests sake post a video where you compare
distances at greater than your usual loft?

Thanks in advance,

steelpanther88 says:

Amazing that you hit longer drive with slower clubhead speed!!!

It’s the smash factor improvement which causes more distance from 1.41

mark clarke says:

I watch these videos all the time and I cant believe a pro doesn’t
understand what taylormade is doing. {loft up with sldr} ,rick only gets
his sldr at 10.3 launch and lower and spin rate at 2717 if he launches his
ball same or higher than the nike covert he would carry further and get his
total over 300 yards easy. worst viudeo ever. post back if u think im
correct or not

trae martinez says:

The only complaint I have with this video is the whole idea behind the SLDR
is loft up 10.5 degrees or higher. It’s a low spin driver so low loft is
going to have a lower ball flight. If it was at, at least 10 degrees you
would smash it 

Ric Fair says:

Hi ric, i think the SLDR is lighter than the Covert simple as that mate .

Rainbow Grenade says:

You do a great job with all you videos Rick. Keep up the good work

Diego Diaz says:

Maybe the SLDR shaft is 57g ?

Daniel Lewis says:

I recently found and watched all your reviews, great non bias true reviews.
Great work, and thank you for al the great feedback.

saintcruzin says:

You do a find job on these videos, I watch them all. Greetings from Santa
Cruz, California….

sean craig says:

Someone please answer, does forward cg mean the weight is more forward
meaning the club will feel more like an iron?

lshock0787 says:

Rick you give a very thorough review I enjoy it.

Toni Marsh says:

The thought that a club that is so easily adjusted needs to be test against
another equivalent club in dispersion is stupid. Every company makes a
fitting process that allows any club to be dispersed decently by any
average golfer. Dispersion comparison is gay 

Garry Grant says:

Loving these ‘compare’ videos. lets be fair, the average club golfer (like
me) just wants to know about how far!!!!! We dont give a shit about spin
rates, launch angles etc.
ONE COMMENT – as us normal golfers have a swing speed about 90mph, can you
have a ‘mate’ hit the ball too and compare against the clubs with a normal

westonp80 says:

Amazing that the SLDR had a much lower smash factor, but much better
distance…definitely a more efficient driver in terms of distance!

Madera Wood says:

I would love to know what the dispersion was without the drop kick

stumpyslvr says:

I’d take the covert all day.Carries the same distance with 4.5 mph less
club head speed and better dispersion.You seem to fixate on total distance
in your reviews when carry is the figure that is really what most golfers
should pay attention to,unless you play in dry conditions.Still enjoy your

louis logsdon says:

you should hit each one 10 times. 5 with one club 10 with the other then 5
more with the first. this way you are warmed up for both clubs. ive tested
a few clubs out at dicks sporting goods. i hit one club 5 times then
tested several other clubs.i then went back to the club i hit first and i
hit it a little better the second time around

Madera Wood says:

For the SLDR

golfninja says:

Picking up from ‘johnandy683’ comment & the SLDR loft: All tour players
using it have found to get their optimum launch angles/spin rates because
the weight moves the CG lower & further forward their loft on the SLDR has
gone up in pretty much every case. The SLDR gives a much less spin rate at
around 2000rpm (even lower at some swing speeds) so you need to add loft to
the club to get the ideal launch angle & maximum distance with the optimum
descent angle so you get best carry & roll. Although this may seem counter
intuitive to you Rick given your normal driver’s loft etc. but for you to
get the best distance out of the SLDR you’d need to try the loft settings
at 10.5 & 11.00 to get your best launch angle & distance out of the SLDR
with your normal average swing & SS. Having it set at 9.5 would not have
given you your best distance with this club as the CG is in quite a
significantly different place compared to your own driver & others on the
market. Try it with the loft at 10.5 and even 11 degrees and it will go
quite a bit further than you managed to hit when set at 9.5. This may seem
a bit strange to you but if you don’t believe me, one, try it, I’ll be
proved right, guarantee it, &, two, who doesn’t want to see if they can get
more driver distance but still with the accuracy!!!!???? :)

ThunderJarvis says:

I used the SLDR with a stock stiff shaft for a tournament yesterday and I
really hit it well. I hit a few in the 290-300 range and some of my best
drives this year. I was also using the new Taylor Made Project (a) ball
which really seems to fly off the club face. I’m going back out tomorrow to
compare it to my Covert Tour 1.0. It seems more forgiving than the Covert
for off center shots but that’s subjective based on feel and not distance.
It also has a much larger face than the Covert and i thought it was easier
to hit. I’m a Covert Tour fan and have owned it for a year. Ave drive in
the 260-270 range with the Covert Tour 1.0.

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