Nike Covert TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

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Nike Covert TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark hits the two power irons from Nike golf and TaylorMade's RocketBladez. Does the Nike Covert go as long as the RocketBladez or does it even go further.

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Joe Warman says:

he’s such a funny little man

vcarter15 says:

notice now that nike covert irons are around 200 for a set used, but tm
rocketbladez right now are around 340 used

Dean Warner says:

Gone from burner flex to rocketbladez stiff and lost distance. Anyone know

David Eaton says:

Taylormade Guy all day long!

Joshua Donaldson says:

What kind of shoes are you wearing they look cool

john anderson says:

Why do you have the tour version on there first?

Christian V Petersen says:

How expensive is your launch-monitor? If money wasn´t an issue would an am
golfer benefit from training with a launch-monitor? Or would it be too
confusing? It would be nice to know how much I hit down with irons, wedges
and woods – also how much up with the driver (or perhaps also down) Great
videos keep them coming! 🙂

Christian V Petersen says:

good question! I’ve heard some say around 30% more but I suspect you would
need a launch-monitor to see that

Geofferlyhills says:

nike!!!! but for the moment I still haven’t found anything better then my
mizuno mp 59’s

Joshua Donaldson says:


Meg Bradshaw says:

Thanks for the numbers with real balls mark! If you could please add swing
speed to that to help the comparison

rabbitmanish says:

It just shows how little the slot does on the rocketbladez if it goes the
same distance as the Nike with no slot

3rdgroove says:

about 10%

Mububban23 says:

Loft doesn’t make it hard to hit, the centre of gravity on the head makes
it hard or easy to launch the ball. I play GI irons but have tried blades,
I can launch GI irons no worries but blades are beyond my currently limited
skills to reliably get up in the air, despite their higher lofts.

Barry Scott says:

Have you been able to have a hit with the new MD superstrong irons? I’m a
great fan and i’m just wondering how they compare to the more expensive

Joe Morgan says:

Callaway x hot vs. Nike covert irons

Kerr Howie says:

Iv been watching loads of your videos! really good quick tuition! iv seen
lots of videos that Tour players “whats in the bag”. well mark, WHATS IN

Dean van der Merwe says:

There is no such thing as a false sense of improvement. Improvement is
improvement. Take it anyway, anywhere from anyone you can and move on.
Fairway and Greens

doublet91 says:

Should’ve included: 825s, G25s, 588 MTs, and Cobras.

bautista alonso says:

mark could you possibly make a review on cobra amp forged irons?? thanks a
lot man! greets from Argentina!

drummerjuans says:

Great Irons! (and got a free Open Championship Special Edition R1 tour bag

Mark Crossfield says:

sorry because of the bank hols in the Uk no time for filming but loads more
coming dont worry the show is still going strong. thanks for watching

najiba mn says:

You should try Big Fish Irons! CB003

furryikleewok says:

I’d love a set of either if these irons. But I’m only 5’4″ so the extra
length would not help me, just hinder. 🙁

homabalima100 says:

How much further can you expect to hit a real golfball compared to a

nigrel87 says:

I don’t understand the attraction to either of these. Why would t you want
titleist cb/mb / mizuno / Callaway forged ? These sort of irons give you a
false sense of improvement

paqman78 says:

So if the two sets are almost identical its just a question of price then.?

Eliot B says:

It’s been done mate

emil mathiesen says:

Can you do a comparison between the taylormade rocketbladez tour and the
callaway x hot pro irons? i´ve just bought the rocketbladez tour and I just
want to make sure it was a good choice. p.s love your vids

stfn00 says:

I personally think Wilson golf products are GREAT. I find them to be good
quality and performance, at a reasonable price. Wilson doesnt get the
recognition it deserves in my books..

nigrel87 says:

Contradict yourself why don’t you furryikleewok. These irons are longer and
stronger lofted!

Mike Sevilla says:

Hey mark great videos. A bit of constructive criticism; In post, can you
balance the audio? Feels strange watching with headphones when everything
comes out of the right ear.

Ahmad Reedus says:

Hey mark big fan could you do a comparison on the Nike vr pro combo irons
and vr pro blades thank

Ray M says:

Great video Mark. Keep them coming. BTW…another video proving the slot is
useless. I would go Nike all the way.

JJ12 says:

When is weekly fix coming?

Craig Fuller says:

Be Interested to see a test of the Wilson D100 as there in the same banding
as the coverts and rocketbladze but a hell of a lot cheaper and the other
Wilson irons marks tested came out with great reviews

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