Nike Vapor Flex TaylorMade R15 430

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27G27G27 says:

I’m still more disappointed by Nike’s reaction to the initial review than I
am by the club itself. Pathetic from such a big company.

Vici Martynov says:

Hmmmm the tide of expectation is colouring everything here. If this was
just a review of a generic medium profile manufacturer Mark would hit this
club, put up the numbers and sum it up generally and move on. But its Nike
Vapor, so we cant believe our eyes so we try again and again adjusting this
and that. Well its a good club with average performance. How do we know
because everything has been done, beyond what it deserves, to show it in a
better light and still it fails. Our best club is the one we made last year
– winks ;-)

mark l says:

Nike vapour pro order cancelled I’ll go for something different now , grow
up nike. 

rosenlefty12 says:

mark, whats your opinion on the amtuere cutting down their drive shafts to
encourage more control of the club face. hitting the centre (or sweet spot
depending on the direction of your clkub face) is the most important thing.
so wouldnt it make more sense to cut your shaft by an inch and a quarter
and have more control then have that extra inch and lose a ton of control?

Eric Davis says:

Not doing Nike. Not for any reason other than their politics. This 2-man
review is unbiased and done properly. Thanks for the reviews, Mark.

Nicholas Brouillard says:

The nike vapor flex is only 425cc it has the same footprint as the vapor
pro that is 460cc, but the technology in the flex makes it less cc

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Good stuff, guys! The Nike has a better (to me) sound. However, with
numbers like that, how could a person chose the Nike over TaylorMade?

gordon o'riordan says:

Yeah am that was a scathing review I can understand why u got snubbed, what
a bunch of eejits they r

Richard Burrows says:

I’m a little surprised that you are focusing so much on the shorter
distance when those glorious Dispersion stats (Mark’s in particular) are
staring you in the face? I changed my driver 4 years ago trading 15-20yds
of length for a vast improvement in the number of fairways hit and my
scores have improved off the back of it (most rounds within 3 of handicap
or better). OK my handicap is still 10 but several injury layoffs have
hampered my progress, thankfully this year is shaping up nicely so far and
baring any injury setbacks I am on for single figures!

Golf Buddy says:

Not only is volt hideous but the performance isn’t there either

Darragh Cashman says:

Surely you guys can test the Speed and Pro against the r15/g30 ? Not
defending Nike but ye could have tested the other 2 drivers too?

Jase Woody says:

Oh my lord the R15 length is real xD Love it, just switched my Covert 2.0
driver and 3 wood for an SLDR driver and 3 wood now they are nice and cheap
and it is just amazing, actually makes a huge difference which I wasn’t
expecting, just wanted a new shiny club :p the R15 is practically the same
as the SLDR, got the same numbers so went for the club half the price.
Thanks for the #honestreviews mark! 

Stephane Gauthier says:

You guys make a great duo.

straight True says:

There’s also evidence that their running shoes don’t go as fast as other
leading brands…………….. subject to the wearer ;)

Steve Reed says:

Big head in the hat comment, lol

Adam Coyne says:

Great vid. Love these comparisons of different folks with different
strokes. Helps show how different clubs work and dont for different people
based on club setup peoples emotions towards a clubs looks feels ect.
Intresting on the Nike numbers I have seen a few videos on the new Nike
Vapors and no one has really been impressed with numbers produced. Seems
too much time was spent on the paint job. They do look good though!

Neto Earlybyrd says:

thank your for keeping honest reviews mark, I game a nike covert 1,0 with
those winn grips you dont like, the club is been good to my game. ‘feel’ on
my covert is just right so i dont see any reason to change for now,
although i would like to try the Volt first hand 

SuperShickey1 says:

Its clear from all of Mark’s and other golfer’s reviews that Nike have
screwed up with this range. They’re the worst performing of all the big
name drivers to come out in past 6 months. Just imagine how far Rory could
be hitting it if he had an R15 in the bag….

Tom Ridley says:

Steve’s numbers are interesting. On the Ping / Nike test the margins were
smaller but the R15 is going almost 20yards further. I know Mark says he
wouldn’t switch a club out for 6-8 yards if he preferred the shorter club
but on these numbers Steve would have to game the Taylor Made.

MrBadassbuddha says:

Damn Buzzman, 300 carry!! You been hanging out with Dustin Johnson? sniff,
Got a feeling your urine sample would burn a hole through the bottom of the
plastic pot!

itubeutude says:

mark looks like a clown in those red pants.


So lets say you wanted to go with the vapor because you like the head more
and feel … what would you do, and can do, to get the club performing
like you want it to?

Golfguy076 says:

Spindly field

BANDANA960 says:

Bring in the Mizuno JPX 850 against the vapor because you got on quite well
with that 

99johnmatrix says:

Why don’t you custom fit the drivers before testing them? Then you know you
are hitting like for like 

ThatCynicalBrit says:

“You know that will roll out past you…..”

Errrrr I think you’re the only one who thinks that Mark.

Alexsmoak808 says:

How much, if any. Does the temperature effect club face and ball
Performance? A little off topic. But I have wondered lately. And also
altitude of course. 

Antar Larios says:

Hola Mark! love the videos!! you have a lot of fans here in Mexico! Please
can you compare Nike vapor Pro irons vs Mizuno MP 4 irons and tell us your
thoughts about it? Even if its only on looks.

lhavenothingtosay says:

Is the Nike ban because you giggled at their fluorescent green… I mean,

speterj says:

What shaft comes on the Nike? Maybe it’s not very good. Do they offer any
premium shafts. Also what is the club head speed and smash factor of the

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