Nike Vapor PRO COMBO Irons Review

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Nike Vapor PRO COMBO Irons Review
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Nike Vapor PRO COMBO Irons Review

Check out the review filmed in Orlando

@NikeGolf @NikeGolfEU #VaporIrons

Les Blair says:

Look delicious and also performs! Love all the videos keep ’em coming!
Could you review putters and wedges?

Stephen Butler says:

Great looking clubs. Those volt balls would be pretty handy on my winter
rounds too!

Skyboxer says:

Keep them coming Rick! Thanks for the review.

Russell Tudge says:

I had the covert 2.0 then swapped for speedblades but these are gonna tempt
me back to Nike I think Rick.
Would these suit a 17 hcp? 

James Geaves says:

Good work rick, clubs look so good

Simon Jones says:

These are definitely on my 2015 wish list… tried them at the demo day and
loved them!!!

JappyR2001 says:

Hi Rick loving the videos! Keep up the good work sir! I am an 8 handicapper
junior player, i draw the ball and have quite a low ball flight. I am
looking for new irons. At the moment I’m playing Cleveland 588 tt. But I
have fallen out of love with the clubs. I like the look of better player
irons but i struggle with ball striking. Any suggestions?


I like the finch selfie in the background.

Wish I had $899 laying around for these clubs lol 

chamilitary999 says:

These clubs looks good, but the spin is way too high on my opinion
especially with the high launch angle. What kind of ball were you hitting (
Practice, prenium ball ) ? at a demo on my golf course they had a GC2, so
with my 9i Apex Pro and Yellow range ball I got 120 BS 22 ° LA and 11000
spin and got only 130m(145y) carry, maybe he was using range ball that
could explain the high spin….

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I’d be all over these if I didn’t get a new set last year.

Antony Walton says:

I want the speed irons


Its quite interesting that you hit these as far and some shots even farther
than the vapor speed which has stronger lofts and a longer shaft. 

Bifftop Johnny says:

I am looking at potentially getting a set of Vapors but i’m not sure which
to get. I’m looking at both the Pro Combo and the Speeds. I know that the
Speeds are much more forgiving but are the Pro Combos noticeably less
forgiving and which ones would you recommend?

Jamie Brown says:

Awesome review, Mr. Shiels! They may just be heading into my bag…

Whereismyball says:

Hurry up and upload the pro video already!!!!

MardyBum100291 says:

PLEASE do something more in depth when you return :)

Joseph Strizzi says:

First of all, you make great reviews Rick. Always looking forward to
watching the newest stuff and hearing what you have to say about it.
Question for you, why does the 6 and 9 iron fly the same height on average.
The nine was about 30-35 and the six was about the same. I thought the loft
of the 9 iron would cause the ball to fly higher in the air leading to a
shorter carry distance. If you could provide some insight on that it would
clear up some confusion for me.

Ola Scholander says:

tried and ordered a set now, it was just something about the
shaft/weight/club shape that make these very different to everything else.
it was love at first sight, and i have had NO love for nike before. I had
ap2:s and found these way more forgiving even though they probably shouldnt
be onpaper. they play and look like a smaller, nicer version of Epon af
701, which is probably the best grade i can give them 

Alejo Martin says:

Love them, they look so good, do you think that they can suit a 15 hdc???
because I’m a Nike fan, and a shields to. love your videos. 

Ryan Hawks says:

Rick nice review. I’ve ordered a set of the pro combos. I really didn’t
care for the clubs with the DG pro s300 shafts, it might be my swing, but
if I might suggest have them put in the DG Pro x-100 shafts. They still
feel very soft with the forged head and added distance for me. I hit a 7
iron and i was getting 150’s to 170’s and thought these are garbage … Put
in the x-100’s and yardage on a regular golf swing had them carrying
185-195 range which is more normal for me. Trust me change out that shaft!!

VWRabbit2008 says:

How would these compare to the i25’s? I struggle with my long irons and
distance is a little short for my liking (8 iron 145yrds)

David F says:

Very Nice.. would love to see a head to head vs the Callaway Apex

"Amateur" Golf Reviewer says:

Good looking clubs. Not the best dispursion front to back though with 12
yards between the longest and shortest of the three shots. You said on all
three shots that they felt great. However the data would suggest
inconsistencies in distance and maybe not so forgiving on off centre

Preston Anderson says:

I just tried this iron and I am impressed. When I first saw the pictures
and the color I was not a fan of this club but when you see it in person
and look down it starts to grow on you. Now I’m thinking about a comparison
with my JPX 850 forged. If the feel and the numbers are better there might
be an eviction.

Mvitzo says:

Hey! Love your reviews!
It would be wonderful if you could do a comparison between VR forged pro
combo (2014) and the new Vapor Pro Combo. Keep up the good work!

The Dude says:

Irons look nice, I considered them but ultimately decided on the RSi

JAG sixtyfive says:

Still high spin rates ala Vapor Speeds’. Very curious. Can’t help but think
there is still 5-10 yards being left out there. Sure, they’re not GI
distance Irons, but who wouldn’t take another 10 yards if consistency was
still the same. Still good looking irons though.

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