Nike Vapor PRO Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

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Nike Vapor PRO Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Nike Vapor PRO Driver Tested by 13 Handicapped Golfer

shirzotv says:

These reviews are great. Rob, I’ve said it before, but your awesome at
reviewing clubs. 

rosenlefty12 says:

the shaft weight in stock driver shafts is just ridiculously low. 50 grams
is just impossible to control at 45.5 inches. get a heavier shaft and cut
it down, and youll have more control. there wont be any difference at all
in actual course usage between a slightly shorter/heaviere shaft in terms
of distance. but in regards to control, the heavier and short shaft would
make tons of difference for anyone, but especially a mid handicapper. 

Paul Broadbent says:

The colour is re-volt-ing .

Neil Ashworth says:

WTF Happened to your beard Dobby!!!!

TheAndycaped says:

What are the dots on the club head face

Les Blair says:

Good non bias review. 

Andy M says:

Rob do your own channel mate.

ESikora12 says:

This might have been mentioned in other comments, but the touch higher spin
on the Speed may be the actual reason better numbers were coming in. There
is that inverse relationship between swing speed and spin to create optimal
carry. Low to mid 90s for head speed could likely use 2200-2400 revs to
help stay in the air longer. Slightly lower swing speeds with 1800 spin
just creates a ball that falls dead from the sky much shorter that desired.

reado33 says:

Please get rob hitting the cobra fly-z 

MardyBum100291 says:

The right shot is the head and shaft combo, you can’t be swinging it
consistently badly hitting it great with a forgiving speed. It’s a harder
club to hit, and a club you shouldn’t be able to. I found it narky for
consistency myself!

donballe says:

Can someone sponsor him with pants in the right size? 

Ross John Flaherty says:

The pro needs lofting up!! I understand testing all drivers at 10.5 . But
each one is different and works at its best in different position. I’d even
look to de loft the speed for dobby. 

Erik Biles says:

The head is still 460cc so same size, however the shape is different. I
believe the face is deeper for one.

23pbkallday says:

Sick beard bro 

terry howard says:

Enjoy the testing, much more relevant to me as a mid handicapper myself.
Could you do a test on the mizuno 850 irons, I wanted to compare them
against the new callaway and the Nike irons. Thanks. Ps. Best trick shot I
have ever seen, Rick launching it 300 yrds down the middle in Australia,
whilst balancing on two milk bottles.

Mrjamesgrimes says:

this dudes short game must be absolute shit, because he doesn’t hit it very
bad for a 13 handicapper

Shot Shy Sheriff says:

Had a driver fest today after buying the TM RSi irons. Tried Nike Vapor
Pro, Ping G30, Titleist 915, TM AeroBurner and Callaway XR. Really
surprised by the Nike Vapor Pro, but none still compared to my Ping G25.
You don’t need to go this season to find the best. These reviews are
informative and interesting as we cant all hit our drives like a scratch
player. Defo try the Nike though as you will be really surprised.

sasquatchtour says:

Nice review Rick and Rob. Robs swing looks awesome for a 13 handicap. I’ve
tested just about every driver out there and many reviews online have had
trouble getting the vapor pro to perform so it’s got my curiosity as to
why. The LPGA is in my home town of Palm Desert this week and after I get
done following a few of my favorite players I’ll head down and give the new
nike drivers a try. Thanks guys. 

unnervingfalcon says:

How come you never test any Wilson Staff? The M3 from last season was one
of the best they’ve produced.

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