Nike VR Pro Combo Forged Vs Titleist AP2 714

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Nike VR Forged (14) Vs Titleist AP2 714
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach tests the Nike VR Forged Pro Combo against the Titleist AP2 714 irons in a head to head to see which new iron range will best suit mid to low handicappers and help improve their scores and their games. All tests are carried out using real golf balls and Flightscope Kudu at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester UK.

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Max Ziegler says:

0.9 off the center line you would be knocking down the flag stick with the

murrayculix says:

Nikes vr pro blades and vr pro vombo are great clubs. If some guy at youre
store is telling you nike make junk he does not know what he is talking
about. The nike vr pro II blades where better then titleists. Titleist made
there new blades with a thinner topline after nike got better rewievs on
looks and just as god in preformance. Check out Mark Crossfields testing
of the vr pro blades. The new vapor blades are going to be just as good if
not better. Nike has one of the worlds best golf club engineers working
for them.

Adam Rutledge says:

Please do a comparison between the Nike vapor pro combos and the titleist
ap2! Thanks 

Jack Jones says:

Out of the two, what set of clubs do you prefer Rick? 

Vici Martynov says:

People don’t get it do they – firms like Nike, Titleist, Ping, Mizuno have
“standard” players irons because they are driven by top tour pros who
demand precision rather than marketing people that tell them players want
distance distance distance – they provide jacked up clubs in the more
consumer ranges for people that want some help. Its hard to take firms that
provide jacked up tour clubs seriously ;-)

Heisen Goat says:

How much bias is in this review? My local pro said that Nike is junk but
all the reviews I see online say that the VR Pro Combo is very good. I play
bogey golf and usually shoot around 45 for 9 holes. I play burner 2.0 gi
irons and hate the clunky look they have, I can work the ball but it is
extremely difficult with them. Btw My natural ball flight is a slight fade
and my 7 iron carry distance is about 180.

Henry goldstein says:

Are they both the same size 

Paul Carlyle says:

Hi Rick
Im not sure get ap2 forged or nike vr forged pro combo. Currently got ping
i20 irons but might trade them into get forged irons and new driver and new
3 wood and 5 wood and hybrids and new putter and new wedges handicap 11

gabriel moreno says:

The vr combo irons are now 699 

gbvoul says:

Looking that lofts of practically every “players” iron over the last couple
days it seems 30* for a 6iron is standard, and the Nike’s 31* is weaker
than standard. plus the Nike’s were a 1/4” shorter. I dont know why Nike
would do that. but their 5 4 and 3 iron lofts are standard.

Eric C says:

Hi Rick, So the VR Pro’s didn’t have the S300 “Pro” shaft in it?

EHus845 says:

You were 5 mph of ball speed slower on the Pro Combo (with 1 mph more of
club head speed) than the AP2. In your testing of both clubs, did you find
the AP2 to be a consistently hotter club face thanks to the heel/toe

MacClellandMan says:

Wow, the Nike L to R dispersion is tight compared to the AP2. Tried to hit
the Nike clubs in the US this week, but they were not yet released. Not
buying my new irons until I hit the Nike VR Pro Combo. This is going to be
a hard season in which to choose new irons. I don’t expect a huge
technology boost, but the club makers are throwing out a lot of eye candy.

Eric Davis says:

Dispersion is a shaft thing. The Nike is using the DGPro S300 and the
Titleist has the DG S300 traditional. My shots are more R-L and generally
looser with the traditional S300 over the newer Pro. But your mileage may
vary. Your dispersion pattern with each mirrors mine identically. The
lighter DG Pro in Nike goes higher, straighter, with considerably more
spin. There is your distance loss..

ReysBoomBoomRoom11 says:

Im a Taylormade guy but hit those Nike forged vr pros today after I saw
your review on them. Im in the market for a new set forged irons and was
BLOWN away at how well they performed on the simulator. I also hit
Taylormade tp CB and MC as well as the Mizuno MP54 (easily the prettiest of
all the clubs I hit) all performed well. And I still have to hit the AP2
and Miz EZ forged (although I don’t like that thick top line) before I make
me choice but as things stand currently, Im leaning toward the Nikes (never
thought I’d say that). I saw your expression in your NikeVRpro review and
thought you may have been putting us on, because you were decked out in
Nike hat and all… Boy was I wrong. I had the exact same reaction. I was
blown away at well they performed shot after shot. Thanks Rick, you earned
credibility from me, and you will be my source for product review from here
on out. Cheers.

Johan Klarin says:

Great vid. I would have loved to see you review the PING Anser in this
company also. 


shot 5 : 111,5 mph? what

Ryan Bracken Golf says:

Hi Rick great videos as always, just wondering about those numbers on
flightscope. Club head speed differed a lot with the nike ranging from 80 –
111.5 mph has something gone wrong? 

golfninja says:

I guess figures (distance, trajectory) are pretty much what you’d expect
really for both clubs given their respective specs. (though a strange range
of swing speeds) You’ve got the S55’s on order, either of these Clubs come
close to you changing your mind?? Seems to me Nike clubs have come a long
way in a short time span in comparison to the well established Titleist &
Ping, though I don’t think Nike will be going in my bag any time soon TBH.

the1beni says:

I wanna see your 6 iron 111,5 mph swing 😛 Nice vid nonetheless

Charles Nemetz says:

Rick, great vid as always!, Really appreciate the extra production work
added!!! Thanks!

Lloyd D says:

Nike do some nice stuff but there just not as long as other clubs which is
a big problem if your looking for distance 

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