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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre tests the New Nike VR_S Covert irons against the Taylormade Speedblade irons on GC2 to see which would best suit your golf game and help you become a better golfer.

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jeromeo12 says:

My 7 iron is 34 degrees. I play Mizuno MX-25s which are game improvement
irons. These new clubs aren’t longer – just stamped with different numbers
at the bottom.

Rob Richo says:

Thanks, I was looking at both these sets, I chose the Nike. 11 handicaper.
i enjoy your honest thoughts on these club reveiws. I will see how they go.


Ahmad Reedus says:

Hey can you review the covert 2.0 tour line next please?

Maxim Fossey says:

Chelsea vs Manchester UTD ;)

Jack Speed says:

Why speedblade? both had the same average (181 times 3, and 183,184 and
176) Great review though.

John M says:

Rich, are there any forged clubs that you can recommend that would fall in
the distance, feel category. I am not a huge fan on cast iron clubs I like
the feel of the soft buttery forged, any recommendations, cheers.

Tim Dixon says:

When is the Callaway X2 Hot vs TaylorMade SpeedBlade iron test coming?

Gino L says:

Huge NikE fan here but think the NikE’s come out short on looks.

Les Haffenden says:

Great vid Rick, I play off 15 and thanks to your vids I’ve narrowed it down
to these 2 clubs as my next possible purchase! I see the the SB’s go
slightly higher at peak hight which for me will make them stop quicker on
the green but you prefer the feel of the nike’s. Looks like I’ve got a
tough choice! If you could pick a set which would it be? 

Clay Fleming says:

Great review as always. I was excited to see the Speedblades on the GC 2 as
I believe in your previous review you were still on the old launch monitor.

Ste Smith says:

Hi rick great video could you do a SLDR vs covert driver review pls cheers

jumpmanDOM says:

Looking for a new set of irons. Like the way the JPX EZ, covert 2.0, and X2
Hot feel. In your opinion is there enough of a difference in the callaways
for them to be worth $100 more?

Ian Hackett says:

I like these comparison reviews, choosing between those 2 may come down to
brand preference or looks. I am not in the market for irons now since I
have the AP1 714 irons but please keep up the good work.

Abel Vasquez says:

Ping karsten irons

Codreflex7 says:

I just bought these clubs about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love them!!
(Nike covert 2.0)

emac417 says:

how about the feel of the clubs. did they feel the same?

Mahavishnu80 says:

City vs Utd

TheFester999 says:

What’s going on…..? You’ve convinced me to go all out nike and then tell
me speed blades are better…..

Only joking, I did try both, and the x2 hots, and JPX-EZ, and a couple
others. Nike were the best for me by quite a distance 

Sgt Pepper says:

These 2 practically the same,I would choose the nikes if they didn’t have
white grips,what’s that all about?

Michael Sutton II says:

ehh, nike got cheated there lol 

Paul Burns says:

Was thinking of trying these clubs.
Prefer the look of the nikes.
Was wondering how they compare against the Ping G25’s and mizuno EZ’s????

lethomadness says:

lol its all on the person hiting they are both shovels xD
714 Mb’s is where its at

golfninja says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf Good review vid as always. like the alternate shots.
Maybe it was the .5 that swung it. Very close good numbers for both.
Although neither Club aimed at me, if I had to play with one it would be
the Speedblade, a little less garish.

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