NINE HOLE SPECIAL! Golfbidder Course Vlog 2019 – Epic Finale

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The Golfbidder Challenge is back for 2019! After a tight front nine on Rick's channel and selecting the clubs at Golfbidder we continue onto the back nine at Woburn which features an absolutely epic conclusion!!

Club selection here

Course Vlog Part One on Rick's channel

Thank you to Golfbidder for making these challenges possible. Check out their website here –



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Ezra Murti says:

#petes perfect 7 iron pitch probably saved the perfect match

I thought it was a code word not a code sentence ?

Lorenzo Alston says:

And if you need to park that Scotty let me know! Or maybe that 7 iron. WHAT A SHOT!

Daniel Vaizman says:

Pete’s perfect seven iron pitch probably saved the perfect match

Josh Whitbread says:

Rick: I'm gonna go in that halfway house and demolish something tasty
North Americans: ?????

Lorenzo Alston says:

OH MY GOODNESS! This was almost better than Tiger and Rory at match play! Great game of golf!

Loki the Cat says:

I think for your next couse vlog competition, you should try to get graphics like PGA tour, just in upper screen with name, score, yards etc.. that'd be so sweet looking.

Jeremy Korting says:

Wow what a match gents!! Loved it, loved it, loved it!! The 18th and your 2 shots.. ugh just incredible!!

Glenn Parry says:

What a great match to watch! 🙂

Bjorn B. says:

Awesome Finish. Just love your course vlogs.
Rick really deserved it this time.

Nelson Craig says:

Pete's Perfect 7 Iron Pitch Probably Saved The Perfect Match

Jens Brandin says:

Such an awesome ending! 😀

superman3577neil says:

Welldone Rick great match epic 18th hole

Hogan Disciple says:

Lost in this amazing series is how good you both are at reading greens.

justin perrin says:

“I hope protracer shows how straight that is”
*doesnt show the protracer of the shot ???

Payton Ahlemeyer says:

Please do more of these!!

Antony Gwynne says:

Peter Peter Peter ????

Darrell Johnson says:

That was the most entertaining final hole I have ever watched!

Daryl Nath says:

2 amazing shots wow

N mille says:

What a finish!!!!!!

zub044 says:

What a match. Pete you are a clutch putter, can't believe how well Rick played.

Ant says:

It watched but thumbed up! Here we go! Playing tomorrow so this will get me in the mood.

Mitchell Rainero says:

Pete's perfect 7 iron pitch probably saved the perfect match

Pasty says:

I missed the good ol’ Rick vs Pete course vlogs, would love to see them more over than just the once a year with GolfBidder!

Olle Ekbom says:

You and rick doing more course vlogs mos def. Thats where you shine.

Amit Patrick says:

Love the banter between you two ? makes the course vlog soooo much better to watch, not many videos I sit through 40 min without skipping! Good job guys naturally great content.

Thomas Morelock says:

Great match and a terrific finish for you both. Thanks for the awesome content!! More Pete and Rick videos, please.

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