Nothing but Tiger Woods Flushing Irons for Five Minutes | Golfing World

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JumpO89 says:

The ending was so abrupt, was really disappointed somehow haha

Josh Read says:

I just came

Chase McBride says:

What a great video, awesome.

Richard Bernal says:

These dubbed sounds ?

Egg Sandwich says:

My kinda asmr

Dougie Barnard says:

Goat strikes

Kenny Jr says:

This is the sexiest thing I have ever watched

Shawn Allen says:

Fake sounds. Disappointed ?

Sean Riordan says:

How do you manage to mess up a Tiger swing video so bad? Fake sounds?!

Adam Wildes says:

Wait isn’t porn banned on youtube?

Yummy Stuff says:

If the audio wouldn’t have been fake it would have been better

Joe King says:

can i get a download of the soundtrack so i can listen to it when I'm at the range? i think it might help haha

Michael Bluth says:

Cancel the sound engineer

Nolan Pahmahmie says:

Shhhhh! You hear that…….. “shwing!” ??

Collin Brouillette says:

So peaceful…

Jando Gonzales says:

Why did you muffle the shots?? That's the best part of his iron game!

Nobiclarke says:

This is the content we get but dont deserve

TheCollegiateStuggle says:

I need 5 hours of this

Tanner Emet says:

I've legit never clicked on a video so fast hahahaha

snkgn says:

This is killing me! Got new clubs in November, for my birthday, won't be able to play until probably March because I live in wet and rainy Ireland!

Gyuin Shim says:

Best video on YouTube.

Marcus Spiva says:

This is like porn

KENNY B says:

It’s a great idea to make such a quality video.
I am Japanese and there are not
many people who can understand English here but, every single golfer can understand how great this video is and for sure all golfer are impressed.
I really appreciate you to release this video.

Blair Malfara says:

Best iron player in history!

Darren Byrne says:

Thank you for not putting music in the background ❤️

dudefood says:

I want this to wake me up every morning

Aidan Griffiths says:

Just beautiful

TJ Gilkey says:

All of the sound is edited…

Yosuke Kumagawa says:

In order to see Tiger,it is necessary to become a part of the silence.


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