O Works vs White Hot

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Objective data showing spin imparted to ball at impact under computer/robotic (patented) controlled conditions. 5 ft, 10 ft, 20 ft speeds estimated for stimpmeter 10 green. Some lens distortion but all shafts vertical at impact except Prototype (designed for 2 degrees forward lean at impact). Lofts on putters factory standard, both Odyssey 2 ball 3 degrees, Yes! 2.5 degrees, Prototype 6 degrees, Pegg 0 degrees, Scotty Cameron 3.5 degrees. Note that the flat launch created by the Pegg putter is likely due to the 0 degree loft. Traditionally putters needed to “loft” the ball out of the depression it is in to keep it from pinching down on the green and bouncing unpredictably however with greens that are firm and fast this “crater” is minimal. There is a lot of advertising for new inserts and face designs promising “topspin” but physics cannot produce it without severe manipulation, never a good idea. If the new O Works insert creates less backspin than others it is very small at all speeds.


Tv S says:

Whatever happened to the Bullseye? I never liked it anyway.

andy evans says:

That was worthless

Barry Brewer says:

Can't believe I'm the first to comment here… Regardless, really interesting study…
Looks like the "Pegg" putter – at 0 degrees – gets the ball rolling with topspin a bit better than all the others…
Kinda wondering why putter-makers add loft to their putters, now…
Anyway, really interesting test.. Thanks for publishing it…

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