Odyssey O-Works Putter Review – 2-Ball Red

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Sodthong says:

Still using an eight year old Yes putter, i don't buy into all this marketing BS…

Sananda pga says:

I just got the black Marksman fang today love it. It looks like the batmobile ⛳

roy Marshall says:

Great putter. Pity it costs an arm and a leg!

Paul Bown says:

Recently testing this in store and it really surprised me how good it was
Thinking of picking one up myself

Ed Mc says:

I like my red 2 ball putter.

dale mcdermott says:

I’ve had 5 or 6 2 balls over the years! If I ever lose confidence in my putting I go back to a 2 ball as it is like cheating but I’m not a fan of some of there face inserts. The milled 2 ball Black was a putter I should of never let go!

Tommie Thatcher says:

Another 1st class video,loving the vlogs best on YouTube

Keith Finley says:

I like 2 ball. Love that face insert across the entire range. The #7 is great

Jeff Boothman says:

The white circles distracted me when I used it. Looks like the course is drying up getting brown do you think the Open will look and play that way.

Bandit Baker says:

I briefly had a Two Ball about 10 years ago, but gave it away. The Insert at the time was too soft and I always struggled to get the Ball to the hole, I also found that the two Balls on top of the Putter never worked for me in terms of lining up the Putter face. I find a simple alignment line works much better for me.

Nic Ted says:

Its a nice looking putter and catches your eye. I have a Odyssey white hot that's fifteen years old, I tried the two ball and the white hot in the pro shop and decided on the white hot. I played four under my handicap in a comp four days ago and the putter is still hot to this day.

Mark Sheehan says:

its nicer in black in my opinion!

Paul Bown says:

Looks like you need a putter that compliments a slight arc
Not the putter for you!
Would like to hear how you get on with the Scotty with a long term review

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