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ODYSSEY STROKE LAB PUTTERS, reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield golf professional. Mark tests the new Callaway Odyssey putters with light middle shaft and counter balanced ideas to help you with your stroke. See what difference this could make to your golf game and if it could help you play some better golf.

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bills2north says:

Good video review, however. My Stroke Lab with the '7 wing?', works differently. The pendulum 'high-low-high', doesn't work. I've been attempting to learn to 'sweep' without lift at the end of the stroke. This is where the extra weight benefits. And the ball is under my left eye. Have a super summer! -Cheers

Alec Osborne says:

Great video. I just went to my first putter fitting and got custom fit to a Stroke Lab 7s. I was gaming the Evnroll ER5 but it just wasn't working for me. Can't wait to take the new stroke lab out on the course. Great content as always

richard nixon says:

Get a putter fitting!!! That’s when you’ll see the biggest changes. I’m a fitter and just me personally putting last year vs this year has been monumental! I check my specs about once a month and they rarely change, but I see a huge advantage on lag putts with a properly for putter. The model can help, but the fitting is the key.

Scott Manthey says:

I have one of these "The Marksmen" and I really like it. I would say it has really helped me on the 6' and in putts. I can't say exactly why but it just feels more stable and shots from that range are the hardest ones to really lock everything down and keep the putter on line. I had the exact same head on the 2017 model and there is a measured difference in my number of puts, specifically my 3 putts have dropped down from 2-3 per round to zero-1. I track all my stats using the Arrcos system so I really do know where the strokes are coming from.

I love your take on it, thank you for another great review.

Neal Erickson says:

Mark enjoy your videos. Just subscribed. Thanks for great vids! I tested the odyssey Stroke lab putter last night and I liked it. I have an Odyssey blade from 2 years ago that I like but for fun I tried stroke lab version of mine. Specifically I tried the "double-wide" I watched your vid here and I watched callaway description of how they "rebalanced weight". They said that it produced stability on back end of players stroke so that at impact, testers where in a better impact position 15% more of the time. I think newer players, 20 plus handicaps would benefit. I think that if I hadn't bought recently(1 1/2 years ago) doublewide would be in my bag. I'm a 10 handicap and play from blue tees in america. It rolled good and felt good. Not as soft as my 2016 odyssey, but soft. I here what they are saying. Modern putters are way heavier in the head and we're all putting around that reality. If I was newer to the game, like single-length irons, this "rebalanced" idea is the way I would go for sure.

Dale Richardson says:

Went from blade to hot pro 7 suited my putting style straight back a straight through, wasn’t consistent with the rotation that the blade needed

James Thompson says:

Hi about stability shaft in your scotty Cameron would like to try the stability in a putter I own but bit of a risk at price of shaft

John Madigan says:

It’s been about 12 years. It’s where you make your money so a putter that works for you is the most important.

Simon Thorpe says:

last week and the week before that!!!!!! One thing I have learnt after wading through 50 or so putters, it definitely!! Maybe a lesson is the answer lol

Stuart Surples says:

I have always had "Scottys" I am on my third now in 7 yrs, So maybe every 3 yrs. I like all your assessments because you are not trying to sell them, just give a honest opinion. Well done keep it up.

Richard Pina says:

Odyssey black series #1 first putter 5 years ago. Soft feel is gone so wanting a new putter checked out the v-line and really like it. Will look at more before buying. Thanks for the review.

Robert Summersell says:

I won a two ball Odyssey putter in Australia ten years ago and it is fantastic. Should I change it? I doubt if I would get any improvement. Put playing on a Links in often a howling wind, putting is not so easy.

Nate Ross says:

I've played a White Hot RX1 doe several years. I am now looking at heads that do not have just inserts, but wrap the top and bottom instead of having a metal frame possibly contact the ball. Pros made Scotty do it.

chris evans says:

Can you change the weights?

Brian Billings says:

I've changed putters a fair amount. I always try to feel a natural, repetitive motion and have a look I like down by the ball. Of course, it's got to have a sound/feel that's good. I've found the most significant differences with the alignment aids, offset and hosels. Never buy for cache or popularity. Gaming a Never Compromise Dinero that I'm quite happy with. Successfully gamed a Zing 2 in college but I was hot or cold with it. Great for big breakers, hell for short puts in my hands.

Golfer206 says:

Love your honest opinions. Along similar lines regarding shafts, your thoughts on the Pure system of aligning golf shafts. Club fitters are charging extra for this service. Does your analysis show noticeable improvement in accuracy? Thanks for your time.

Bifftop Johnny says:

How do you account for the change in weight if you eventually change grips?

Stories with Aly says:

I have changed and used many different putters over the years. But always go back to scotty Cameron’s. Ironically, changing my putter grip and technique made more difference than anything else though still far prefer the feel of Scotty vs anything else.

Roger Zorzan says:

Golfers have 14 friends with them if everything goes well. 14 enemies when things go south… My tip: Always blame the wrong club on your self inflicted failure. 14 over 18 times/average 72.. at the end of the day… most of us married what we liked to look at and how it felt/feels.. new stuff may make us think we need to get back into keeping up with times and the neighbors.. we all now.. we go back to good old faithful (or we WILL be reminded) 🙂

Justin Nehls says:

Mark "the player has a bigger impact than the bells and whistles" crossfield

Joel Talusen says:

I changed my putter 4 times last year. Went from an old Ping Anser 2 to an Odyssey, then back to the Anser 2 and then to a new Ping Vault putter. I sucked at putting but when i actually got fitted for one, i started to roll it much better

Tony Atkinson says:

Stoke lab seems to be working Bruh, holed the first three…

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