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ODYSSEY TOULON PUTTERS reviewed and tested by Coach Lockey and myself in todays golf video. She what the Toulon putters from Callaway Odyssey could do for your putting and if they are the answer to those 3 putts. The high end finish and expensive price tag will defo play on everyones mind but are they really worth this high price.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Paul Bown says:

Toulon or Scotty?

Marc b says:

I dont understand why people get upset about the price of a high end putter when it still costs significantly less than their high end driver. Youre going to putt a heck of a lot more than you use that driver, shouldnt that be the more worthwhile club?

Donnacha Lyons says:

Just got my Atlanta today, looks and feels amazing will rotate with my Evnroll ER2.

Adam Hitsman says:

Odyssey o works jailbird mini red paid 100 for it brand new

Christopher Miller says:

$150 for a Scotty newport 2 back in 2012. Just bought a toulon atlanta today for $175!

craapula says:

$380 no tax. Toulon Memphis Strokelab. Never spent more than $120 on a putter. My first putt, drained a double breaking 25 footer for birdie.

It replaced a Cleveland Elevado that I got for $75.

dilonisabamf says:

Got a Scotty Newport 2, bought it for 400 bones. I don’t really have a desire for a copy cat milled putter from a company not know for milled putters.

centralmuskies says:

I just bought the Toulon San Diego (2017 model) and it compares with any high end Anser 2/ Newport 2 style putter. It has a crisp feel and keeps the ball on line. It also sets up easily and has a great quality finish and cool headcover. I went with the Lamkin standard grip- can't go wrong here although I agree a putter is personal as in style, feel, weight, grip, length, alignment, etc…

Derek McCulloch says:

Great clip! I was fitted for that exact putter today at the Scottish Golf Show in the SECC. Fitting showed I benefitted from the longer middle line in the Toulon Atlanta. Also found out my shaft should be 33" which came as a surprise as I’m gaming a 35”. Now I have to try and justify the cost. £380 is way more than I can afford for a putter but that seed has been planted. God! If only. LOVED IT!

Zeik Frost says:

Would you reccomend this putter or the new ping fetch?

Oogzie says:

Would love to try one of these, but I guess it is a question of where would I have to go to try these out?
Also, because of the premium pricing, I could only justify paying it as part of a big birthday or Christmas gift. Lucky for me! I have a big birthday coming up this year!!! ?? (but I will also be checking out other brands… Scotty, Evnroll, etc…)

Carl Randall says:

I’m not one of those golfers that change putters much, in 44 years of playing I’ve probably had say 8 putters, I’ve now had my taylormade ghost spider putter for say six years and bought second hand, I tend to try putters off people I’m playing with now and again and one might feel just right then may consider changing….. (FEEL)
QUESTION: Can the insert on my ghost be replaced?

David t says:

I spent £195 on a o works 2 ball. Had it a year and the top decided to crack last week. Gutted. Been sent to callaway in a hope I can get a replacement

Travis Goodspeed says:

I use an arm lock putter and none of them are all that cheap unfortunately… but I chose the Bettinardi armlock which is the pricier of the bunch because Bettinardi is somewhat of the pioneer of arm lock, and I figured they were the ones who make them best.

David Lambert says:

I’d like to purchase the Arnold Palmer cover on coach’s floor. Please let him know!! Great review on these. I rolled one today,great feel and sound.

billy balla says:

Mark, looks like you made more putts with this than your scotty.

Alan O Rourke says:

Have a Portland…love it! Great Premium Putter!

Daniel Williams says:

Do my eyes deceive me or does coach have his face on his balls now?

Simon Thorpe says:

Always a budget, £90 so def in the Odyssey White Hot pro, Wilson Staff Infinite, Benross MDX sector!! Or Golf bidder of course

Steve The Pirate says:

Did like the look of the Tuttle also hopefully will get a chance to try it soon & agree with you bruh don’t see the shaft making a huge difference

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