On Plane Golf Backswing Made Easy

The secret of the pro tour golf swing is solid contact in the middle of the club-face consistently leading to longer straighter golf shots. In this video Lawrie Montague from www.golfconfidence.org shows you how to hit solid irons shots using by swinging your golf club on its correct swing plane, a principle found in every pro tour golf swing.

26 thoughts on “On Plane Golf Backswing Made Easy

  1. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been re-building my swing from scratch having
    never had a single lesson and this video (combined with the downswing
    lesson) has done wonders for me. Really simplified what initially felt
    incredibly complicated and intimidating.

    Warning to others using this video: I wouldn’t recommend practicing this
    without marking out the plane line. I thought I had it nailed only to film
    myself and see it was drifting way on top of the line!

  2. I never broke a 100 all last season, watched ur video, changed my grip and
    hit the range twice and easily shot a 91 today (first time out). I can
    see breaking into the 80s next time out. I was sticking my irons all day,
    my friends couldnt believe it. Now I have to practice my hybrids and
    driver 🙂 thank u!!

  3. Hi Lawrie, Please explain how you would describe the ‘lift’ you talk about
    at 2.44. Is this an arms and hand move or through continued shoulder
    rotation? Are you ok to literally lift once you hit that point in the

  4. I’ve had a problem lying off the club. Watched your video, spent about 10
    minutes in my garage practicing, went to the range and employed the
    concepts you talked about. Swing transformation in one hour. You made a
    sometimes complicated move (backswing) easy to understand and perform.
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the video this might b the answer for my swing as I’m hitting
    most of my drives left or I push them well right I knew I had a swing plane
    problem and been trying to fix it, with no luck. 20 odd years ago I used a
    pro-simmon wooden driver and hardly missed a fairway but with the new
    drives had a lot problems being the shafts are longer and I lost my swing.
    Now I might have found it again cheers 

  6. Great video, however as I see in the swing videos of PGA pros, the club
    does NOT point to the target line once it moves above the chest. You can
    check Tiger’s video can verify this. This amazon golf bestseller explains
    it very well: Decoding the Golf Swing Plane.

  7. Thank you for saving me $1000 dollars!!!! Huge I am a 6 handicap but have
    trouble with laying off my backswing and get that over the top miss left
    50% of the time. Very simple swing thought can’t wait to get to the range

  8. This video helped sooo much and I thank you. My iron shots are making a
    great contact and going far and either a small fade or draw. I also broke
    my best on my course which is now a 78 on a par 64. Thank you for making
    this video!

  9. Thank you so much for this tip. I am a 12 handicap but struggle mightily
    with over the top. I can’t afford lessons but from your suggestion realize
    that my back-swing has been my primary issue, I’m immediately off plane. I
    cannot wait to try applying your lesson to the range this afternoon.

  10. This video helped sooo much and I thank you. My iron shots are making a
    great contact and going far and either a small fade or draw. I also broke
    my best on my course which is now a 78 on a par 64. Thank you for making
    this video!

  11. Your backswing and downswing videos have helped me hit the ball straighter
    than I have ever hit the ball before. No doubt! Just to make sure that I
    am following your setup correctly, should my rope be along the ball target
    line or where my shaft is lined up with the ground (about 1 to 2 inches
    inside the ball target line).

  12. Great video, very helpful. What starts the back swing, the hands?
    shoulders? core? chest? feet? I have always heard that the golf swing
    starts from the ground up, if you could shed a little more light on the
    initial takeaway and how it starts I would appreciated it. 

  13. Well I’m back from a years break. This is still my favorite drill to do.
    Here’s my problem and I can’t figure it out. I’m having problem lining up
    the club back at the 9 o’clock parallel to the target line. My clubhead
    tends to go a lot inside at that waist high point on the way back. And I’m
    completely stuck just like my clubhead haha. Either I’m hinging too early
    or I’m just rotating my arms wrong; or overdoing both. What’s the easiest
    way to set those wrists/hands/arms?

  14. My advice is that as your hands and pass your right knee the golf club can
    start to move to the inside. The golf club-head will travel straight back
    for about 12 inches before it starts to travel inwards. I hope that helps,
    thanks for your question and taking the time to comment.

  15. Thank you for your comments. The contrived feeling is feedback that you are
    trying to change your stroke pattern and being told not to. However all
    levels of change from simple to complex require struggle before mastery.
    The struggle is changing one habit for another. You have 2 choices; 1.
    change your pattern and learn to cock your wrists on plane or 2. develop a
    compensating downswing motion that is compatible with your current
    back-swing motion. Both are acceptable but # 2. is easier to do.

  16. I’m very pleased that you have gained value from my video and that you are
    playing better as a result. Thanks for sharing your success and I wish you
    well with your game.

  17. Hey, great video! I have a question I would like to ask you, I recently
    just started playing golf, about 5 months ago, and now in the last week iv
    shot 2 rounds of 80, im 32 years old, would it be possible for me to get
    down to scratch within the next 2 years?

  18. Really good to read that the video helped you with your game and I wish you
    the best of luck with your golf and thanks for sharing your comments.

  19. I’m so pleased to read that the video has helped you to play better golf.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to share news of your

  20. i swear i was topping and hitting fat shots with my 7I that went 25 yards
    rolling on top on the ground now they are 150 yds+ IN THE AIR!!!! thanks u
    were alot of help!!

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